One Little Spark!

Hey fellow WDW Loo Fanatics! So happy to have you back! Thanks a ton for taking time from your busy life to stop and smell another loo at your favorite place on Earth! As always, we've got the exclusive scoop on an in-depth review of one of Walt Disney World's featured restrooms for you today (and this one is a good one -- a real hidden gem -- ed); but, first, we want share our gratitude with and offer big props to you, a fan of the WDW Loo Review, for visiting our site, liking us on Facebook, sharing our posts and, in general, just getting the word out about this little blog. The unexpected enthusiasm for WDW Loo Review has floored us here at the home office, and, well, just know we adore

How's it going, eh?

Greetings, friends! Thanks for joining us for another exciting WDW Loo Review! We've taken a few weeks off, and we appreciate you hanging in there. We think this week's review is worth the wait, and we bet you will, too. As we write this, the Food & Wine Festival is beginning to wind down. What an amazing event this year, right? We happened to be in the parks on one of the festival's final weekends and really got some great scoops on some even greater loos. This week, we journey to the Canada Pavilion. O Canada! Home of Martin Short, Circle Vision, a shop where interested customers can buy long pajamas and, of course, Le Cellier. We here at the blog love this restaurant. Though some