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Life's a Breeze!

Wow! Has it already been another week? Time really flies when you sequester yourself in theme park restrooms: it seems just like yesterday we were in Epcot, bathed in the red and yellow glow of Teppan Edo's loo. Oh, you haven't seen that review? How about the review of Cheshire Cafe's restroom? The Senses Spa loo at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort? The boat landing toilet on Tom Sawyer Island? No? Well, never fear: the blog has archived all these reviews and so much more! After you finish exploring this week's featured Loo Review, feel free to peruse the Official Loo Review Archives to check out our reviews of your favorite loos! Who knows? We might even help you find a new favorite or two (unlike dining plans, you can start making your Loo reservations well over 180 days in advance -- ed)!

This week's featured loo is a personal favorite of mine, for reasons I'll get into shortly. We're back in Magic Kingdom (again!), but this time, stuck between worlds. We've got one leather-booted foot firmly planted on the pavement near Rivers of America, with the other foot, clad in a hiking shoe, perched in Swiss Family Treehouse. One nostril tickled with the scent of smoked meats wafting from the now not-so-seasonally opened Diamond Horseshoe, while the other is tempted by the smells of exotic cuisine offered by the newcomer, Skipper Canteen. Confused? Don't be! Where else could we be but in the Adventureland to Frontierland Breezeway Loo?!

Here's a look at the breezeway from the Frontierland side of things:

View of the Breezeway Restrooms from Frontierland

This is a busy breezeway, connecting to major lands of Magic Kingdom. Given the traffic this location sees, we'd expect to find a large loo, capable of handling many more flushes than the typical Magic Kingdom loo. We'll find out if expectations are met soon enough. Let's move closer.

Restroom Sign for the Frontierland/Adventureland Breezeway

Wow! It looks dark in there, making the breezeway a cool location in the summer, an even cooler location in the winter and a coveted dry spot during torrential Florida downpours.

Once in the breezeway, however, we appreciate a warmer aesthetic than the more dark, cool impression made on our approach from Frontierland. Exotic patterns line the ceiling, yellows and browns accent the walls, and the lights exude a warm golden glow. Nice! The theme here is definitely borrowed from the Adventureland side of the breezeway -- one won't find the gas lamps and log walls of Frontierland in this location.

Closer Look at the Exterior of the Breezeway Restrooms

Here's a close-up of the patterned ceiling in the breezeway. We love this exotic pattern that was Imagineered to look desert-worn. It's a very cool detail that most would never notice on a conscious level, but that adds to the overall Arabian Nights feel of this breezeway.

Opposite the restrooms, by the way, sits the entrance to Sunglass Hut's Island Supply store (so, they've got that going for them ... which is nice). While most would purchase a pair of sunglasses to sport while walking around the park, we suggest making your purchase for our impending visit to the breezeway loo -- because you'll undoubtedly want to look your best in a toilet this awesome.

Speaking of cool, check out the entrance to the men's loo! This is another fantastic example of Imagineering embracing the theme of the land surrounding a restroom (in this case, Adventureland), working hard to integrate it into the loo's smallest details. Standing back, looking at this loo's entrance, it's easy to imagine the Sultan of Agrabah seated on his throne (cough) in the restroom beyond.

Gateway to the Men's Room, Magic Kingdom, Frontierland/Adventureland Breezeway

And here's the blue man....

Men's Room Sign, Frontierland/Adventureland Breezeway Magic Kingdom

And the blue woman .... This lady, by the way, never changes her outfit. She's been wearing that dress for 80 years. Given that it's now 2016, we'd expect her in a nice pair of jeggings or yoga pants or something.

Oh, and not to worry: the Dept. of Loo Imagineering did not split up the blue man group -- baby is not too far away. We'll see him in a few moments.

Here's a close-up of the decorative tile just inside the men's loo entrance.

Let's hop a ride on carpet, grab Genie and Apu and head on inside, yes?

View from the Entrance of the Men's Loo

Hey, this is nice -- and busy! Tile everywhere, many different patterns and colors; but, it works! This is the view from just inside the entrance. 6 sinks line the wall to our left. The floor before us holds large tiles with a section of smaller squares interrupted by an unusual pattern. Waay ahead of us is the urinal area (joy!). We'll get there momentarily, but let's first focus on the sink area a little more.

This is nice -- I can't think of a pair of dirty hands that wouldn't appreciate a trip here.

Here's a closer look at that above-the-sinks tile pattern:

And with one of the uniquely-patterned lights:

It's quickly apparent that much thought was put into this loo's design. The colors are warm, inviting and exotic. We love it!

Moving ahead into the much vaunted Hall of Urinals: 8 urinals line just one wall ...

... with another 8 on the opposite wall! That's 16 urinals for you folks keeping track, and this represents a new urinal count record for the Loo Review. The Frontierland/Adventureland Breezeway loo is (for now) the reigning urinal king for Disney Parks & Resorts (memo to World of Avatar -- you'd better get your gameface on ... ed).

Care even went into ensuring those of us who can both stand and pee at the same time have something pretty to look at! This pattern is seen above many of the urinals in this loo. Thanks, Imagineering!

Heading into the stall area, this familiar fellow makes an appearance. We hope he gets hazard pay.

Here's a peek inside the ADA compliant stall of this loo. Would'ya look at the size of this one -- yet another super-sized ADA stall gives patrons and assistants plenty of room to maneuver (and two oversized rolls of toilet paper give every child license to dress up like The Mummy).

Unfortunately, due to the area being heavily occupied, we were unable to get a photo of the bank of toilet stalls without risking getting reported to Security. Rest assured, however, there are plenty of seats here. This is a deep loo, with lots of facilities for every adventurer and cowpoke that visits the breezeway.

And, of course, what would a trip to the breezeway loo be without stopping to say "hi" to the blue baby at his changing station? This kid has it made here: composite changing table, mood lighting, authentic Persian tile. What more could a kiddo with a wet nappie want?

This just about sums up our review of the Adventureland-to-Frontierland Breezeway Loo. Before we hit the recap, however, I'd like to offer the runners in our audience a tip: THIS LOO IS THE BEST MAGIC KINGDOM RESTROOM TO USE DURING THE WDW HALF AND FULL MARATHONS.

Magic Kingdom arrives at mile 5 of these January races, which is often the time my bladder is screaming for relief. Instead of hitting up one of the Tomorrowland loos (the one by Auntie Gravity's is always congested with many runners standing in long lines), tighten your sphincter and run a bit longer to this one. There is so much room in here, with plenty of basins for nearly 30 runners. Not only will you avoid waiting in line, but, given that this loo is tucked away in the breezeway, many aren't even aware it exists, affording you the opportunity to do your business in relative quiet as you contemplate the pain of running another 21 miles.

WDW Loo Review Recap of the Frontierland-Adventureland Breezeway Loo at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom:

Capacity: Huuuge (16 urinals, 9 stalls -- one ADA compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Excellent

Traffic: Busy (but not during Run Disney races!)

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Easy

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

Summary: for a well-themed spot to flush away your cares, this Loo simply cannot be beat. The breezeway affords summertime visitors a chance to cool off while completing essential tasks. Seek this one out, friends! It's worth the trip.

Thank you, as always, for taking time out of your life to visit the blog. As we accumulate more reviews, we hope to serve our readers as the ultimate resource for everything WDW Loo. We can't do it without your support, though; so, please, continue leaving your comments on the website, via Facebook or email us at We love to hear from you!

Until next week: bottoms down and thumbs up, friends!

Loo Review Matt

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