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May 31, 2016



Greetings, friends!  We have exciting news to share!


Recently, our blogger-in-chief was kindly invited to appear on the always charming, consistently irreverent, oddly thought-provoking and perpetually hilarious The WDW Big Q Podcast.  Hosted by the super intelligent and rakishly handsome brothers Jesse and Josiah Bisceglia, The WDW Big Q invited our very own Loo Review Matt to participate in a round-table discussion about the best places to poop on-property.  What ensues is a little over a half an hour of musings, memories and potty humor.  You'll love it!


We here at the Loo Review love The WDW Big Q.  This is a consistently funny podcast hosted by Jesse and brothers -- all of whom have a palpable affection for Walt Disney World (just like all of us).  Each podcast's episode premise:  to list the top three answers to an unusual, silly WDW-related question.  As you listen along, you'll find yourself laughing with the brothers Bisceglia as they answer that episode's Big Q (along with coming up with answers of your own). 


Be sure to listen to this episode of the podcast (we had a blast making it), and afterwards, dig deeper into The WDW Big Q's back catalogue for hours of listening hilarity!  Seriously, folks:  we love these guys, and we think you will as well. You can find the podcast by searching for it with the usual iOS/Android apps and also by clicking here!



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June 10, 2019

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