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About This Site...

Hi there!  My name is Matt, and I'm a huge fan of Walt Disney World.  My guess is, if you've found this site, then you are as well -- and if you ARE a fan like me, you've already explored myriad other sites devoted entirely to the Walt Disney World experience. There are sites to help with vacation planning, sites to help with meal planning, sites dedicated to merchandise and collectables -- and so much more.  I wanted to showcase my enthusiasm for all things WDW as well ... but how?


When I set out to create this fan site, I wanted to do something different -- something that would highlight a part of Walt Disney World that all of us must experience, but that hadn't already been featured ad nauseum via the web. And then it struck me:  why not feature the bathrooms of WDW?!  


Let's be honest:  using the restroom is, for must of us, a very private thing. We all use the toilet, and most of us prefer to avoid an audience (and to those that don't -- what's wrong with you?!).  If we can devote websites to the best places to publicly eat a meal at WDW, why not focus on the best places to privately poop as well?  The latter is easily a more intensely personal experience, and, as such, it deserves a fair shake. 


As is often the case when visiting the parks, it is the attention to detail that often creates that sense of Disney magic for all of us.  In my travels to WDW, I've found that there's a surpising amount of Imagineering put into restroom design, and I'm looking forward to sharing these discoveries with you!


A couple of other items:   this blog is truly a labor of love for us; so, you visit here with no strings attached. Please, just come and have a good time.  That said, we do have some associated expenses (trips to the parks several times a year, equipment, website hosting fees, etc).  Your traffic here and on our social media sites helps us with this, keeping us excited for new projects to come!  Thanks for your support!


Also, we are in no way, shape or form associated/affiliated with Walt Disney World, Disney Parks & Resorts, The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Studios (although we admire the heck out of all of them!).


This site is just in its infancy:  we have so much more planned.  Look for weekly reviews, each one featuring a WDW restroom facility.  Expect commentary and interviews periodically between each review.  Ultimately, our goal is to create the world's most accurate, thorough online resource for using the WDW restrooms!  Oh, and your comments are more than just welcomed, they're needed!  We want to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment on our reviews here or on our Facebook page! Speaking of Facebook, if you like what you see, please toss us a like there or, if you'd prefer, follow us on Twitter as well.   Also, feel free to subscribe to our site, and you'll get an email reminder in your inbox when a new review is published.  Thank you!


So, grab your favorite magazine or tablet,  put the lid down, have a seat and take your time.  We hope you enjoy Walt Disney World Loo Review!



--LooReview Matt (1/03/2016)





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