Greetings one and all, and welcome back to WDW Loo Review, (as far as we know -- and for good reason) the world's first and only website featuring in-depth reviews of restrooms at our favorite Disney Parks & Resorts! Whether you are a first time visitor (don't worry: you're not a weirdo ... ed) or if you've frequented the site since our launch in January (okay, now you guys ARE weird), we're thrilled you've joined us! If the above photo doesn't give this week's destination away, I'm not sure if anything will. That's right folks, we're at Disney's Hollywood Studios ... I kid, I kid! This week, we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of Disney's Animal Kingdom for a visit to the Harambe l

Terrifying Tile

Hello, friends! Welcome back to the blog! This week, we're taking things in a different direction, featuring a commentary, rather than our typical loo review. We hope you enjoy the brief diversion, and we -- as always -- welcome your comments! We here at WDW Loo Review are, if nothing else, HUGE fans of The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiary Parks & Resorts. I mean, listen: we run a blog devoted to, of all things, the restrooms at Walt Disney World. If this isn't proof-positive of our obsessive fandom, I'm not sure what is (and don't act like you're not one of us -- look where you're at right now!). That said, we're not all about blindly hoisting the WDW colors without appraising t


Greetings, one and all! Thank you for joining us for another Walt Disney World Loo Review. You know, just by being here, you've been initiated into an ever-growing family of super fans obsessed with everything (and we do mean EVERYTHING ... ed) about Disney Parks and Resorts. You've taken fandom to an extreme, and we think that's pretty cool. We're glad you're here to sip the Kool-Aid with us for another week, and we hope you come back for more each Sunday, when we publish a new WDW Loo Review! By the way, if you missed last week's post, be sure to go back and check it out: Donna submitted our first guest loo review, and it's a doozy! Thanks again, Donna! This week, we find ourselves

Hope Springs Eternal

Greetings everyone! Welcome back to another Loo Review: we're so happy you could join us, especially so this week for reasons I'll elaborate shortly. But first, thanks, once again, for taking time out of your busy schedule to read about something we all experience, but rarely discuss: the restrooms at Disney Parks and Resorts. The blog was born in early January, and it's already closing on 3000 likes on FB, with many more subscribing the the site every day. Your enthusiasm for this topic is both weird and inspiring -- thanks: we wouldn't have it any other way. Please continue to share us with your friends -- the more the merrier in the Loo! And now, without further Loo-ado, let me introdu