Breaking News: WDWLooReview on The WDW Big Q

Greetings, friends! We have exciting news to share! Recently, our blogger-in-chief was kindly invited to appear on the always charming, consistently irreverent, oddly thought-provoking and perpetually hilarious The WDW Big Q Podcast. Hosted by the super intelligent and rakishly handsome brothers Jesse and Josiah Bisceglia, The WDW Big Q invited our very own Loo Review Matt to participate in a round-table discussion about the best places to poop on-property. What ensues is a little over a half an hour of musings, memories and potty humor. You'll love it! We here at the Loo Review love The WDW Big Q. This is a consistently funny podcast hosted by Jesse and brothers -- all of whom have a p

Soarin' over Soarin'

Greetings, friends! Welcome back to WDWLooReview! You are among the world's few who know about this little treasure of a website: the only one in the world releasing an in-depth review of a Disney Parks & Resorts restroom every week! Score! You've found us! Now, if we could beg a favor of you in return: tell your friends, your family, your classmates and fellow Disney-philes at work about us. Getting a few more fans on board won't spoil the fun (it's not like we're inviting them into the restroom with us or anything -- ed), and the more hits our website gets, the more "likes" we get on Facebook, the more jazzed we here at WDWLooReview get about cranking out more reviews. Honestly,

Rising Sun

Irasshaimase, one and all! Welcome back to another peek into the exciting world of Disney Parks and Resorts restrooms! This week, we've got an exciting loo to visit -- an international destination to a men's room in the Far East (truth be told, it's the far South -- of Epcot, but I digress -- ed); however, before we start our journey, please accept our thanks for taking time out of your life to visit our site. Seriously: we're terribly flattered. Just this past week, we hit 4000 followers on Facebook -- who would have imagined we'd ever come close to that? So, please, accept our most humble gratitude for your enthusiasm for this most unusual blog! We here at the Loo Review are your bi

Grinning Like a Cheshire ... Cafe!

Hi there! Thanks for joining us this week for another Loo Review. Before we dig-in, rest assured you're visiting a very unique website: the world's only blog exclusively devoted to all things restroom at Disney Parks and Resorts! We still haven't decided if that's necessarily a good or a bad thing, but we're pleased you're here nonetheless. This week's review finds us back in Magic Kingdom for a quick trip down the rabbit hole ... or is it a stroll through the looking glass (note to Disney Productions -- please use this review to promote your new Alice release: we'll be happy with but a small royalty ..ed). This week, we're making a pit-stop in the restrooms at Cheshire Cafe! Here's a v

Solid Platinum!

Hi there! Great to have you back for another exclusive Loo Review! We have a super cool one to visit today, but before we do, please accept our heartfelt thanks for visiting the website. Seriously: this fascination with all things Disney is a weirdly great thing, and there's nothing more weird than coming back to our blog each week to research the best places to poop on property. So thank you, for embracing that weirdness and, in the process, supporting our work! You guys are the best! This week, our intrepid loo review crew finds itself back in Disney's Hollywood Studios where ... wait a minute ... hey, check out Steven Tyler's hat! Sorry, where was I? Oh, sure. This week, we're he