A Pithy More Folks Don't Know About This Loo!

Greetings fellow travelers! Today, we're embarking on an Adventureland adventure the likes of which you have never before experienced! Crocodiles, Schweitzer Falls and Kungaloosh (ooh my!); but, listen, before we don our pith helmets and khakis, let's stop and bask in some gratitude! YOU! Yes, you! Thank you so much for keeping the spirit of WDW Loo Review alive and well! Our FB page has flourished this month -- over 200 new likes! Let me tell you, that really gets our creative juices flowing (ewww -- not a great phrase to turn when reviewing restrooms -- ed) around the WDW Loo Review home office. Just knowing there are over 9000 others out there who are so enthusiastic about (and hom

The Gran Baño Tour!

Bienvenido, todos y cada uno a WDW Loo Review! We are beyond excited to have you join us for another, world-exclusive review of a featured Walt Disney World restroom! Before we get cracking, indulge us in a moment of gratitude: thank you so much for visiting our blog, and double-thanks for sharing us on social media. We love it when you share our reviews on Facebook and the like. If you haven't yet found us on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to check us out! Oh, and if you haven't told your fellow Disnerd friends about us, be sure to do so! Your enthusiasm for what we do and your willingness to try and spread a little of that around really gets us moving around here. Thank you! Alright,