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Lessons Learned from Week One of WDW Restroom Research

Greetings from cool, misty Walt Disney World! This week marks the first week of WDW restroom research, and, boy, I have a lot to learn.

First, I never thought about the implications of taking photographs in the restrooms of a busy theme park. I've received some strange looks over the last few days. Of course, I never take photographs of fellow guests relieving themselves. However, I've found that I will have to linger in a corner of the restroom -- sometimes for up to 5 minutes -- in order to get a shot where nobody else is doing their, ah, duty. I tend to look at the ground while waiting in order to keep from giving the impression that I am THE PREMIERE RESTROOM STALKER AT WALT DISNEY WORLD. That said, I think some folks find my presence disconcerning, and I'm not sure what to do about that.

Would it be proper for me to explain myself: "Hi, I'm Matt. I've got a fansite dedicated to the restrooms of Walt Disney World. I'm just going to hang around here until you are done. Don't mind me. No pressure..... Jeez, you must've drank a liter of Coke today."

A.J. from The Disneyfoodblog never has this kind of stress. Whew!

I think it's best if I just remain silent for now. So, if you've been on property this past week and saw a strange man in the restroom, taking photos of a changing station, thanks for not reporting me to WDW Security. And, if we happen to cross paths over the next week while I'm still here, don't be afraid to say "hi" and shake my hand (though, please wash your hands first).


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