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More Lessons Learned ....

As I begin my second week of WDW bathroom research .... Okay, I'll be honest here folks, it's not been all work. After all, all work and no play makes Johnny-on-the-Spot a dull boy. I've had a blast here. In the year since I've visited, so much has changed, IS changing. I witnessed the last few twinkles of the Osborne Lights, wandered through the new Star Wars Launch bay, admired the new hub in Magic Kingdom, and tons more. It's been a wonderful visit, so far.

At any rate, as I start my second week of having fun with my family and my new hobby of bathroom reconnaissance, I've been struck by one fact: I have no idea what a woman's restroom looks like here at the parks. Moreover, unless I want to go all La Cage Aux Folles in the house of mouse, I'm fairly certain that I never will. Given this, I'm sorry to say that my readers won't often get the chance to see how the fairer sex's facilities (unless you are are member of said gender, in which case, boy, are your eyes going to be opened by the pictures I post!) fare.

That said, I still hope you'll enjoy the photos. I would imagine that the women's restrooms here are similar to their men's counterparts with the following exceptions:

a). They smell better (you won't be able to appreciate this via my photos, of course)

b). They are cleaner (yep, you'll definitely get that sense from my photos)

c). There are vending machines in the women's restrooms that aren't present on the men's side (still trying to figure out if they sell Snickers or what)

Ladies, please don't think us all disgusting pigs. Men just have more important things to do besides aim (like catch that Fastpass + to Big Thunder Mountain before it expires!).

That's it for now. Folks, I've got an ever-expanding archive of material to get me through most of this next year and can't wait to get started on actual reviews. Stay tuned!

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