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Listen, Barnaby!

Put on your Sunday clothes,

There's lots of world out there.

Get out the Brillantine and dime cigars!

We're gonna find adventure in the evening air.

Girls in white, in a perfumed night

Where the lights are bright as stars!

This week, we step away from the parks for a resort visit (our first), and we're going to really class it up this time. Fellas, where we're going, flip-flops and shorts simply won't do. Gals, toss the yoga pants and tank tops in the hamper. It's nothing but suit jackets and evening gowns for the likes of we Loo Reviewers this week! Don't let the implied dress code deter you, though: let's have some fun! We're off to find the classiest restroom on property!

As we leave Magic Kingdom, we opt to hop a ferry for our destination. Sailing West on Seven Seas lagoon, we cast our eyes fore towards a sprawling complex which represents the epitome of Victorian elegance. The brilliant white buildings and red-shingled spires catch our eye, and suddenly, we realize we're headed for Walt Disney World's crown jewel resort, that belle of the WDW ball: Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!

Photo of the Grand Floridian at dusk (courtesy of

Courtesy of

As we disembark our vessel, we stroll down the dock and see Narcoossee's to our left. There's bound to be a restroom to review in there (there IS, but we'll get to that one another week -- ed.). Undaunted in our task to review a refined, classy loo, we head past the courtyard pool and, adjusting our course a tad, towards the main building. Walking through the double doors, our stomachs are tickled by the scents wafting from Grand Floridian Cafe (surf and turf burger, anyone?). Moving on past the DVC desk to our left, past Sandy Cove Gift and Sundry Shop on our right, we finally arrive ... and pause ... because that's what everyone does when entering the Grand's atrium lobby. You just can't help it. Take a look:

Atrium Lobby Grand Floridian Resort Walt Disney World

Breathtaking, right? As we stand there, our senses are saturated. The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra is playing their rendition of "Part of Your World". All manner of folks are chatting and imbibing with glassware clinking in Mizner's Lounge. Our olfactory sense is teased by a wonderful scent -- instantly both new and familiar -- that we will soon come to love as "that Grand Floridian smell". Before we leave, we'll want to bottle it up and take it with us (and if you read to the end of the review, I will let you in on a secret: you CAN have the GF scent in your home!).

As the gentlemen of the orchestra wrap up their set, we snap back to reality. After all, we're on a mission to review the most sophisticated restroom in the most luxurious resort on property. We turn to our left, heading up three flights of stairs to the second floor and find that we have finally arrived!

Foyer outside of Citric and Victoria & Albert's

Before us, marbled floor gives way to an ornately-carpeted hallway which leads to two of Walt Disney World's most regarded restaurants: Citricos and the highly-lauded Victoria & Albert's. While we would love nothing more to turn right and head down that hallway for a bite, the small alcove to seen on the left reminds us of our duty: there's a loo to review!

Here's the alcove leading to the men's and women's restrooms outside of Citricos/Victoria & Albert's (is that an honest-to-goodness pay phone?!?!):

Foyer outside of Citricos/Victoria & Albert's Restrooms

Be sure to check out the brass door signs -- polished to a shine by Mousekeeping -- inviting only the most dapper of gentlemen, the most demure of ladies into the facilities beyond:

Men's Room Sign Outside of Citricos/Victoria & Alberts

Women's Room Sign Outside of Citricos/Victoria & Alberts

Enough of the outside. Let's step in!

Look at this place! Marble everywhere. Fresh flowers on the sink. Everything is spotless, shining bright. This is the epitome of restroom elegance. THIS is the kind of place where courtesy flushes are required. And the room is large: we could move in here and be very happy. Also, we notice there's nobody else in here with us: one of the best things about this restroom is that it's situated on the second floor of the atrium lobby, outside of two restaurants that only have a dinner service. As a result, it's above the hustle and bustle of the first floor, and this area really sees no traffic until the adjacent restaurants open up around 5PM. There is never anyone in here during the morning and afternoon hours! What a hidden gem!

Five urinals ensure a gentleman's bladder won't stay full for long:

Look at the stall doors (there's three stalls in here). Faux blinds and brass handles add to this restroom's appeal:

Take a look into the ADA compliant stall. Golden braids frame the mirror, dedicated sink access, tons of room to accommodate the whole cast of "Hello Dolly": the space is generous.

Photos don't do justice to just how cool this tile really is. Gold-veined, brown marble squares with black diamonds interposed add a formal, almost masculine touch.

Don't forget the sinks with green marbled countertop and golden braid framed-mirrors (pardon the clumsy photographer's elbow in the mirror). Timeless class.

What loo review can be wrapped-up without checking out a changing station?! It's marble as well, to ensure that even the most privileged of young tushies can be changed with uncompromising style:

WDW Loo Review Recap of Citricos/Victoria & Albert's Restrooms at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa:

Capacity: Medium (5 urinals, 3 stalls)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Traffic: Very Slow

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Medium

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

Summary: Though interested persons have to ascend to the second floor of the Grand's main building to access it, this is one of the cleanest, classiest and quietest restrooms on property. If you find yourself at the Grand Floridian, we highly recommend this restroom!

With that, we wrap-up this week's review. For years now, I have called this restroom "the classiest potty on property". What do you think? We'd love your thoughts, especially if you've found other facilities whose decor matches or even beats this one's fancy style. Please feel free to post in the comments below!

Oh, and remember that Grand Floridian smell? Those who have visited the main building for any length of time immediately recognize it, and the scent is often sought for the home. Here's some good news: the scent is available for home use! It's made by a company called ScentAir, a commercial scent manufacturer. Luckily, the company has a home division called Enviroscent, and you can purchase the Grand Floridian's scent (called "Green Clover and Aloe") by clicking here. Beware of sticker shock, though. I've got this in our home, and it's great to come home from work and smell the Grand.

Thanks to all of you who have visited this site, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter! We're almost to 800 FB likes (nearly 300 this past week alone)! Without your interest and enthusiasm, we wouldn't be able to continue with our reviews, so please continue to share our posts, invite your friends to like us. We appreciate you all so much!

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