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#1 if by Land, #2 if by Sea

Hi everyone! Welcome back to WDW Loo Review, and thanks for joining us for another week's review!

Last week, we published our first not-so-positive review of a restroom at WDW: the restrooms outside of Liberty Inn, located at Epcot's American Adventure. It pained us to do this as we are a decidedly American (would any other nationality blog about their favorite restrooms? -- ed) site, and we wanted to give the home team some props. Alas, we simply could not given our desire to stay true to our goal of offering accurate reviews of our subject loos.

It is, therefore, with more than just a little pride, that I announce the return of the American loo! Yes, just like Rocky IV, we're coming off the ropes swinging, and we're here to prove an America-themed loo can, in fact, deliver a worthwhile evacuation experience*! This week we journey BACK to colonial America, this time at Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, giving those young, upstart Americans another chance to win a warm spot in our ... er ... buttocks (a warm spot in our "hearts" just didn't seem to fit for the occasion -- ed). Hear ye, hear ye: welcome one and all to the loo in Liberty Tree Tavern!

Exterior photo of Liberty Tree Tavern courtesy of Dad's Guide to WDW:

Photo Courtesy of

Liberty Tree Tavern sits nestled in Liberty Tree Square, and is often listed among fans' favorite places to dine at Magic Kingdom. This author loves it as well -- the Pilgrim's Feast affords me a chance to have a savory Thanksgiving Day lunch any day of the year. What's not to love?! The restraurant is Revolutionary New England-themed, decorated copiously in warm hardwoods.

Guests first entering the restaurant and greeted by a warm, cooking hearth (not burning on the day of our review):

Hearth at Liberty Tree Tavern

Check out some of the details here. Imagineers have done a fantastic job reproducing a colonial hearth, festooned with all sorts of equipment for cooking and relaxing. Look at woodcarvings hanging above the hearth:

Hearth Woodcarvings Liberty Tree Tavern

And look at these pipes fit for even the most discerning patriot (or hobbit):

But enough of the fluff -- let's get to reason we're at the Tavern today: let's go visit the Loo! Now, the Loo at Liberty Tree Tavern isn't an easy one to find. After finishing lunch, we wandered about the restaurant, looking for some sign, some nook or cranny indicating the subject of our review's location. It was only after asking a cast member that we were finally able to locate our elusive loo. Carpeted stairs situated against the backside of the hearth mark the ascent to an upstairs set of restrooms:

Stairway to Liberty Tree Tavern Loo

Here's a close-up of the sign on the stairway wall: wood-carved, even!

Making a left at the above sign, we ascend another flight of stairs to a landing which overlook's the Tavern's entrance. The floor is still covered in red carpet up here, but there's wood planks beneath as evidenced by the creaking of the boards with each step. It's a wonderful aural experience and lends some authenticity to the whole colonial New England feel. The view up here is great:

Patrons entering Liberty Tree Tavern as Seen from the Loo Landing

There's some cool artwork up here as well (Hey! How'd that lobstah get in our fruit basket?! -- ed):

Painting at Liberty Tree Tavern

Candles adorning the wall outside the men's room, upstairs, Liberty Tree Tavern (authentic Revolutionary War-era LED bulbs!):

Candles at Liberty Tree Tavern

At the top of the landing, we make yet another left turn to find a small alcove housing the loos. There's a men's room, a women's room and a cast member supply closet. Sorry, folks, no companion restroom in Liberty Tree Tavern! Look at all that stained wood!

Here's the sign adorning the men's room door: Ben Franklin was on his way to return a borrowed book to the library, but was kind enough to first stop and show us where to use the restroom (say, Ben ... isn't that a copy of "50 Shades of Grey"? Oh, you saucy devil, you! -- ed):

Entering the men's loo, we see this:

Vanity of the Loo at Liberty Tree Tavern Magic Kingdom

This is a small loo: the vanity and sink are smack dab in front of us when we enter. Take a close look, though. It's really cool in here! Yes, the wallpaper is a little dirty and drab, but the countertop and sink are just plain awesome. Swirls of grey and copper keep the stone countertop busy, while a hammered copper sink catches the faucet's water.

Here's a closer look at the sink. Look at that! It's as though some metalsmith hammered the basin out exclusively for this loo. As far as we've found, there's no other restroom on property with this style of sink.

Restroom Sink, Liberty Tree Tavern, Magic Kingdom

Just to the right of the vanity sit this loo's singular urinal. Yep, just one. This is about as intimate a restroom as you'll find on-property folks. There's no vast warehouse with banks of urinals and stalls lining the walls -- nope, you get one of each (hey, this is Revolutionary-era New England -- it will be a few centuries before the Sam's Club version of this loo is ready for prime-time -- ed).

Here's a look inside the loo's only stall:

Restroom Stall at Liberty Tree Tavern

Not much room in there, but there's enough to take care of business. It's a comfortable and rustic experience. What's not to love?!

Close-up of the wallpaper adorning the restroom walls: again, nothing grandiose -- just a simple theme from a simpler era.

Here's that clumsy man again. He keeps falling onto that horizontal line. One would think he would start reading his own signs -- he'd save a fortune in hospital bills.

Wet Floor Sign, Restroom, Liberty Tree Tavern

Here's a shot of something we rarely show, but should definitely acknowledge: the biohazard waste bin. Every restroom at WDW has one of these (at least every one we've visited), giving those visitors with diabetes and other diseases necessitating the use of sharps a convenient and safe place to dispose of their medical supplies -- just one more way WDW works to afford all visitors equal opportunity to enjoy the parks. Bravo!

Biohazard Bin Liberty Tree Tavern

And last, but certainly not least:

Swirls of cold granite beckon the bare backsides of babies needing a diaper change! What colonial infant, swathed in corn-husk diapers, wouldn't love to rest his pink buttocks on this frigid stone? Honestly, Imagineers: it's time to start installing a warmer underneath these things! And, say, what is that brown smear on the wall above the changing station (we're hoping it's just some left-over ooey from the Tavern's famous Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake -- ed)?

And with that, we wrap up another Loo Review: America -- redeemed! Here's the recap:

WDW Loo Review Recap of Liberty Tree Tavern Restrooms at Magic Kingdom:

Capacity: Tiny (one urinal, one stall in the men's room)

Cleanliness: Medium

Theming: Great!

Traffic: Moderate

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Easy (once you find the stairs leading to the second floor)

OVERALL RATING: 3.5/5 urinal wafers

Summary: A little dirtiness keeps us from giving this otherwise excellent restroom a higher score. Nonetheless, the Loo at Liberty Tree Tavern is worth a visit the next time nature calls while in Liberty Square. The theming of the restroom well-coincides with that of the restaurant, and it's unique vanity alone is definitely worth the trek upstairs!

Thanks, once again, for taking the time to visit our blog! We so appreciate your ongoing interest in this topic! Moreover, thanks for the continued likes and shares on Facebook -- our readers are really helping to spread the word about our little fansite! If you enjoyed this week's review, please be sure to share it on Facebook for your friends to enjoy as well!

Until next week! Happy flushes, everyone!

Loo Review Matt

*"evacuation experience" is copyright WDWLOOREVIEW.COM 2016 and cannot be used without expressed permission from said site's CEE -- Chief Executive Evacuator -- all rights reserved

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