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American Redemption!

The words "American Adventure" invoke a variety of emotions depending upon with whom the topic is discussed. For many of us residing in the U.S., the term American Adventure (or mis-adventure -- ed) brings to mind the circus that is our current Presidential election cycle. For those International visitors to Epcot, a visit to the American Adventure's Liberty Inn might afford them their first chance to wet their appetite for such iconic dishes as the not-so-originally-named All-American Burger or the sadly apropos Red, White and Blue Salad with Chicken. For others, the term conjures memories of listening to The Voices of Liberty sing inspiringly Patriotic tunes, their a capella melodies echoing beneath the rotunda.

Of course, for those of us die-hard WDW fans -- you know, the one's like you and I who are always in the know about every.single.happening at our favorite place on Earth -- the words "American Adventure" stirs up an altogether different emotion: disappointment.

If you've followed the blog for more than a few months, you'll likely recall our first visit to America's pavilion and the sad journey to an even sadder loo situated on the East side of Liberty Inn. It's a tired affair: minimal theming, dirty and too darn busy for being so far out of the way (prepare to walk quite a way to earn a disappointing trip to the loo -- ed). We journeyed to that particular loo with high hopes that Imagineering would've taken great pains to make the American Adventure Loo a truly Patriotic evacuation experience, one that would make those of us residing in the U.S. proud to claim it as our namesake restroom.

Sadly, this was not at all the case. Don't believe me? Well, refrain from reading further into this review until you read the American Adventure East Side Loo review, posted right here.

And yet, out of great sadness was born a glimmer of hope! Yes, among you -- our faithful readers -- were several who spoke of an overlooked promised land in our beloved World Showcase pavilion. Many, in fact, whispered of another loo -- a better loo -- tucked into American Adventure's West side. Ultimately, these collective whispers became a murmur, a murmur became a clamor, a clamor became a shout -- one for a shot at an American Redemption!

This cacophony can no longer be ignored! The people have spoken! This week, we march back to our homeland pavilion with the hammer of resilient hope striking the anvil of our hearts! Yes, this week, we're visiting The American Adventure West-Side Loo!

The West-side loo, as its name suggests, sits on the west side of the America pavilion, just opposite the disappointing loo on the East . As we near the pavilion by way of Japan, our eyes nearly miss catching the restroom sign embedded in an outcropping of patriotic shrubbery.

Here's a closer look:

Ah, yes: the tiny hand leaves no ambiguity as to in which direction our destination lies. Alarmingly, this sign looks very familiar to the sign directing patrons to the loo on the pavilion's East side. Let's hope that signage is the only thing these two restrooms have in common.

Turning left at the sign, we're now heading straight for the pavilion itself. Ahead, beyond cobblestoned walkways and pillared-picnic spots gleams a larger sign. Could it be we've already arrived?

Indeed we have! Folks, if first impressions count, we're already in love with this one. Colonial architecture abounds outside the loo, something its East-side counterpart sorely lacked.

The main entrance (above) divides into two separate entrances: going left for the fellas, right for the ladies. An interesting tiled piece hangs here with tans, greens, purples and blues add another layer of style to an already grand entrance. It reminds us of the tile work suspended on the wall outside another well-liked loo.

Simple, yet sophisticated: here is the men's room sign. It's understated, elegant (did we just use the word "elegant" to describe the men's room sign?) and it well sets the tone for the loo beyond.

Walking further into the restroom, we see a transition. Robin's egg blue subway tiles adorn the upper three-quarters of the wall, while a darker navy tile pattern covers the lower fourth. The faux hardwood floor tiles lend the entrance to the loo a warmth not often appreciated in other restrooms on-property.

Not this guy again! He's fallen so many times he'd give Lee Majors a run for his money! Despite his ubiquitous appearance throughout WDW loos, this fall guy is somehow more classy than his counterparts in Epcot and beyond.

Now, before we delve into the loo itself, we need to divulge the layout of this place ... because is it simply huge! The restroom is a rectangle, very much longer than wide. It's a deep loo, making it a long walk to the rear area. Partitioning the restroom into two sides (East and West) is a long, thin wall. This wall serves to separate standers from squatters (urinals from toilets), and it almost creates a sense of two distinct restrooms in one! Very cool! This wall further serves to divide an otherwise large loo into two smaller sections. It smartly affords the user a more quiet, private means of taking care of business. Imagineering at its finest!

Alrighty, lets go on in! We'll veer to our right, heading to the West section of the loo. Urinals abound on this side: 11 basins line one wall with a surplus of sink stations opposite.

Notice that robin's egg blue subway tile carrying over into the main area of the loo, surrounding the urinals and this section's back wall.

Below our feet, the faux hardwood tile continues, though it is interrupted by a more elaborate pattern:

Just look at that! If the eye wasn't drawn ever-so-slightly to the grout lines, one would believe these tiles to represent an elaborate wood piece, stained in a variety of colors. We love this effect, and it adds another element of class to an already sophisticated potty.

Here's another view of this cool tile pattern and it's transition from standard faux wood planks to the pattern featured in the above photo:

A four-sinked counter sits opposite the urinals. Cream-colored basins are seated within a navy-colored countertop, illuminated from above by shaded yellow bulbs. A faux wallpaper tile serves as a backsplash. And look: a Dyson Airblade (we're huge fans of these ... er ... fans -- ed).

Oh, and there's THREE of these sink stations situated across from that wall of urinals, giving those who choose to stand while evacuating a plethora of hand-washing basins from which to choose. Incredible! If this restroom could be a retail store, it would undoubtedly be Costco -- there's just so much stuff in here!

Alright, we've visited the West side. Let's represent the East-side squatters and move back towards the loo's entrance, taking a left this time as we re-enter. Holy brown doors, Batman! Look at that wall 'o stalls (eight stalls, to be exact). There's plenty room for all seven original male Mouseketeers + one more for Jimmie. Each stall is protected by a heavy, paneled faux wood door in keeping with the warm, wooded theme of this restroom. As before, sinks line the wall opposite the basins. On this side, however, there are only two sink stations.

The ADA compliant stall sits in the rear of this side of the loo. What say we take a peek inside?

A lone toilet sits in a corner with an abundance of TP. This photo represents but one side of this stall ...

...and here's the other side:

Once again, Loo Imagineers have done a fantastic job, making the ADA loo large enough to comfortably accommodate one patron, several assistants, a large wheelchair and any number of piece of equipment. Bravo!

And what's this? Any baby would gladly give-up his binky for but a few moments of resting his tush upon this changing station. Classy off-white tile (which looks remarkably like the wallpaper in my grandmother's sitting room) surrounds the infant as he is changed on a navy blue table. We love that this restroom's theme is lovingly carried throughout -- including the baby changing station.

As we exit the restroom, our eye catches this cool little detail: a full-length wall mirror in which even the most surly patron can ensure his mouse-ears are cocked "just right" upon his crown.

Take a look at one of the wall sconces bordering each side of the mirror:

Who doesn't love this?! What a cool touch -- completely unnecessary given how already well-appointed this loo is. Nonetheless, we love it that designers went the extra mile here.

Finally, as we exit the loo, our eyes catch one more sign:

Yes! A companion restroom is situated just outside the entrance to this loo! We love it when Disney has built this feature into park loos (and, as many of you have commented, we know you love it as well).

Here's a look at the entrance to the companion restroom:

Well, what are we waiting for: let's look inside!

Plenty of space in here, for sure! The subway tile here is off-white, not the robin's egg from the main loo. We won't dock any points for that, but we have no choice but to offer some criticism of the Loo Imagineers' choice of a metal changing station! Brrrrrr!

Here's the sink and associated hand-washing accoutrements:

And folks, that wraps up our visit to this memorable loo! Let's take a look at the summary:

WDW Loo Review Recap of American Adventure's West-Side Loo at Walt Disney World's Epcot:

Capacity: Gargantuan (11 urinals, 8 stalls -- one ADA compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Good

Traffic: Busy

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: Yes

Access: Good

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 urinal wafers

This is a remarkable loo that easily offsets its East-side counterparts shortcomings. Despite its impressive size, this loo exudes warmth, cleanliness and (thanks largely due to the center wall which divides it into) a more intimate setting in which to attend to business. We love this loo and would love to see Loo Imagineering similarly re-vamp its disappointing cousin on the opposite side of this pavilion. While this loo does not whole-heartedly embrace the colonial America feel of, say, the loo at Liberty Tree Tavern, the choice of colors and use of wood patterns bring us close enough to that era. Overall, one of our top places to rest our backsides! Well-done!

Thanks, one and all, for taking the time to visit our blog for another exclusive in-depth WDW Loo Review! We hoped you enjoyed your moments here, and, if you did, please be sure to throw us a "like" on Facebook and share our site with your friends! Remember, we publish a new loo review every Sunday morning, so be sure to head back at least once a week for new posts!

Until next week, bottoms down and thumbs up, friends!

Loo Review Matt

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