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On a Blanket with My Baby is Where I'll Be

Panoramic View of Crescent Lake from a Deluxe Villa at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Good morning, everyone! To say we are ecstatic you've chosen to visit our site is this year's understatement (tied, actually, with "The wait for Frozen Ever After is an estimated 45 minutes." -- ed)! Seriously, thank you for checking-in with the Loo Review. If you're a first time visitor, come on in, don't be shy! Grab a "Hello. My name is _____" sticker and affix it proudly to your lapel. You're among fellow Disney geeks here, and we're certain you'll feel right at home. And, of course, if you are one of our many returning customers, kick your feet up and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of ride, we're taking a surrey bike to Crescent Lake for this week's review. We at the blog love this area. On the lake's north side sit the Yacht Club and Beach Club (with Stormalong Bay and Beaches and Cream sandwiched between). The lake's south side is wrapped by the lovingly-themed Boardwalk Inn and Villas. At night, this area is stunning, with the warm glow of the Boardwalk's lights reflected off of the lake's calm waters. Yep, there's magic here, folks!

Yet, one can't help but wonder if that magic applies to the area's loos. Is this Boardwalk empire one of Boardwalk-themed restrooms, or are the loos here as sterile as those of a bus station in Poughkeepsie? Pedal hard, eager loo reviewers, and we'll soon find out!

Hopping off our bike, we decide to head to the Boardwalk Inn's famous Luna Pool! This pool area gets a great deal of press, primarily due to the famed Keister Coaster, a waterslide which dumps riders into the pool via a vomiting clown. We've seen photos of the Keister clown before and found it oddly whimsical; however, watching innocent children splash down through this Bozo-esque monster in person is a little unnerving (eat your heart out, Tim Curry -- ed).


Barely repressing a shudder, we turn back from the pool, heading towards a breezeway that connects us back to the Boardwalk.

Breezeway Connecting the Boardwalk's Luna Pool to the Boardwalk Itself

Entering the breezeway itself, our ears are entertained by the beeps, boops and bells of the Boardwalk Inn's arcade to our right. To our left, however, our eye is caught by a small foyer.

The sign outside marks our target! Yes, we've found our loo! As you can see above, the small foyer is tagged by a sign indicating restrooms and telephones. As you can further see, however, the telephones have been replaced with steel plates. Save your quarters for the arcade, folks -- the smartphone reigns supreme, even at this turn-of-the-20th century Atlantic boardwalk.

Entering the foyer, those of the most fair gender must turn to the right, while we fellas find ourselves turning left. Approaching the door that leads to our loo, we reach down to turn the handle ... and are taken aback by some electronics affixed thereabout! What is this abomination?! Yes, folks, even Steve Buscemi's Nucky Thompson could not keep the Magic Band from invading this Boardwalk! As such, only guests registered at the Boardwalk Inn or the Boardwalk Villas are allowed to use this loo. So, please, should you find yourself in an emergency situation whilst in the Boardwalk area sometime in the future, do not pull this loo out of the corner of your mind. Running here with the expectation that you'll find quick relief will only lead to disappointment (and perhaps the purchase of some new shorts ).

On the other hand ... the lock does lend an air of exclusivity to this loo, no? One almost feels like a celebrity whose fame grants him access beyond the bouncer and into Atlantic City's hottest club! Let's tap our wrist on that lock, turn the handle and walk in!

Hey, this is pretty cool!

The Loo is undoubtedly a small one (it doesn't have to be large, as it mainly serves visitors to Luna Pool). Three sinks, two urinals, one stall. Nonetheless, there's a great deal of theming crammed into this small package.

No doubt, our fears of an unthemed Boardwalk loo are unfounded. Check out the tile work above these sinks (and the circus tent-themed skirt below them). Alternating stripes of sea foam and stark white remind us that this loo is situated in a seaside carnival! Bravo, Loo Imagineers!

Here's one of two stalls in this loo. It's nothing fancy, but is quiet, clean and free from distraction (which is really all a guy needs for a unpretentious poop). The tiny squares of the tile pair well with those about the sink and on the floor.

Here's one of our favorite things about this tiny loo:

Look at this floor tile! Can you imagine being the person laying painstakingly laying this pattern? What a tremendous amount of effort went into creating so much detail for such a tiny, out of the way loo! This is why we love Disney so much (no, not the floor tile -- the attention to detail that any other company would simply overlook).

And before ye abandon hope that the little ones don't have a place to change out of a five pound, pool water-logged diaper, take heart that a changing station sits comfortably in this loo's corner!

And folks, that wraps up our visit to this out of the way, small, yet memorable loo! Let's take a look at the summary:

WDW Loo Review Recap of Boardwalk Inn's Luna Pool Loo:

Capacity: Small (2 urinals, 1 stall)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Excellent

Traffic: Quiet

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Poor (you must be staying at the Boardwalk Inn or Villas for your Magic Band to grant entrance)

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

This little loo is an exclusive treat for those staying at the Boardwalk! We think of it as a hidden gem, and although you shouldn't use this loo's presence as your sole reason for staying at one of the Boardwalk resorts, you might let it influence your decision a wee bit. Here is a well-themed, quiet, clean little loo where you can easily escape for some peaceful attention to the day's business. We highly recommend it!

Thank you, thank you and thanks again for visiting our blog! It's solely due to your patronage that we are inspired to offer a new review nearly every week! Thanks, also, for your continued likes, shares and subscriptions on social media: we just hit over 7000 followers on Facebook! If you don't mind, continue to get the word out to your Disney Facebook Groups and to all your Disney-loving friends about us! We appreciate you so much!

Until next week, folks: bottoms down and thumbs up!


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