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Life's a Beach!

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another WDW Loo Review. We've said it before (many, many, many times before -- ed), but it's worth repeating just how happy we are you've chosen to join us here on the blog! There's a certain sense of solace knowing that the real Disney fanatics have a place to congregate and share stories about their favorite (and least favorite) places to poop in the parks. Thanks for joining us once again!

Our last review had us at the Boardwalk for a review of one of the pool loos. This week, our search takes us just across Crescent Lake to another resort favorite of ours: Disney's Beach Club Resort!

The Beach Club opened in November 1990, just two weeks after the opening of its adjacent sister resort, The Yacht Club. Both are wonderful places to stay and visit. The Yachtsman Steakhouse and Beaches and Cream especially have warm places in our hearts (and stomachs) here at the Loo Review. If you've never tried either, it's time to place a reservations -- and then keep on reading to see the best area loo to use post-meal (yessir, we just went there -- ed).

Disney's Beach Club Resort Courtyard

Entering the Beach Club's lobby from the lake side, one can make a left turn toward Cape May Cafe or a right toward the elevators (and the Beach Club Marketplace beyond). Making a right and then taking but twenty or so steps, we see the chance to make another right turn just prior to hitting the bank of elevators. And thus, our journey ends shortly after it began ... for here we are!!!

A small foyer sits just to our left, a softly upholstered bench situated within. Let's forge ahead, shall we?

Here's a closer look at said bench, with seashell paintings situated above.

Another view of the Beach Club Restroom Bench

Looking up, the eyes catch what is likely an oft overlooked detail. Check out the beach-themed light fixture, complete with circumferential shells and a starfish centerpiece.

Before heading into the restroom itself, let's pan the camera to our left to look at the phones:

Pay phone area outside of Beach Club Resort Lobby Restroom

Wow! Classy, right? Look at the marbled tile, the marbled counters ... AND ALL THAT BRASS. This hearkens back to the resort's opening, when cellular phones were on a backpack and little alcoves like these were needed for those necessary phone calls. There are but a few phones left, the remainder replaced with a stainless steel plate (as seen on the right above).

Here's one remaining house phone for those sans Android or iPhone. Not sure why we'd need to call maintenance -- I suppose if there was a mishap in the restroom which necessitated a plunger and a skilled set of hands?

Aaand here's the door:

Moving back toward the men's room, we stop to take an obligatory glance at the sign on the door. Simple, yet sophisticated, no?

Here's a peek inside the loo itself: very masculine! We here at the Loo Review think this place looks more like a bank than a restroom. Look at this emerald marbled countertop, the emerald marbled backsplash, the brass lights and faux brass-framed mirrors. There's no doubt this deluxe resort is going for a deluxe-appearing loo, though we're not sure it fits with the location's beachy-theme.

This urinal is so fancy, observance of a proper dress code is required prior to its use (men must wear a jacket lest they be directed to the outhouse in the back). Notice how the plastic splash guard also matches the walls for that extra magic touch. ;)

The floor here doesn't much differ from the walls, save for the insertion of a few squares of beige marble. These do serve to break up what is otherwise a color monotony.

Holy bank-vault, Iron Man (can't say Batman -- that's not a Disney IP -- ed). The amount of green marble here is just overwhelming. We have to be honest with you: we felt too plebian to use this stall. It's just too much! That said, it was extremely clean.

And that wraps up our visit to the Beach Club Resort lobby loo. Before we complete the recap, let's head back outside and crane our necks to take a closer look at that overhead sconce. Hey, is that Peach of Finding Nemo fame?

WDW Loo Review Recap of Beach Club Resort's Lobby Loo:

Capacity: Small (1 urinals, 1 stall)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Think bank, circa 1950 (doesn't quite fit with the resort's Beach theme)

Traffic: Quiet

Changing Station: No

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Easy (if you're in the Beach Club area)

OVERALL RATING: 3/5 urinal wafers

We wanted to like this tiny loo as much as we adore the resort in which it sits. Though we must give it props for cleanliness, we have a hard time seeing how this generically-fancy loo meshes with the Beach Club's theme. One could definitely do worse on-property, however.

And that wraps up another week's review. Thanks, folks, for being patient with us these past few weeks: it's been about three since our last review. Yours truly has been traveling for work much more than usual, and this, coupled with some well-deserved family vacation time, has made it challenging to publish a review every week. Never fear, however; we're back on schedule now and anticipate loads of great loo reviews coming at you this Fall! So please, be sure to visit our site regularly for all the latest updates!

Until next week, friends: bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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