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The WDW Big Q Strikes Back

Hi, friends! We've got big news to share: The WDW Big Q Podcast has once again kindly featured WDW Loo Review's very own Loo Review Matt as a guest on another episode. That's right: Big Q host Jesse Bisceglia actually invited us back (can you believe it?)!

This episode's question: if we could spread our ashes anywhere at WDW, where would we want them scattered? Seems simple enough; however, we dare you to give it some thought and then listen to the WDW Big Q to find out if Jesse or Matt have already claimed your spot!

This is our second time on The WDW Big Q, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be invited back for what is, in our not-so-humble opinion, the funniest WDW Podcast available.

Be sure to hit-up their site (or, better yet, subscribe via iTunes or any other third party podcast app) for a truly funny listen!

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