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Pie and Pudding en Flambe

Wow! Has it been another week already?! It's truly amazing how time flies when one spends it pursuing a passion: reviewing the restrooms at Disney Parks and Resorts. It's true, we admit it -- we're a little crazy here at WDW Loo Review.

Then again, you must be a little nuts, too. After all, you're reading our blog, aren't you?

Listen, it's fine. Embrace your inner Disney dork. Acknowledge that little fella, and let him know that there's nothing wrong with loving a place that's so cool, so good for the soul that it's okay to read about the restrooms there. And while you're at it, give that spud a warm hug from us -- we love him!

This week, our never-ending search for the most-perfect loo takes us back to New Fantasyland (not surprising given just how cool the newer restrooms are back there -- ed). We've visited quite a few in Magic Kingdom's latest borough: the loo at Storybook Circus, the restroom at Pinnochio Village Haus, the toilettes near Gaston's Tavern. And listen, all of these restrooms offer a fantastic evacuation experience for their users (don't believe us? ask the dishes!). Today, however, we're venturing deeper into Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland than ever before, hiking through the French countryside until we strike the base of the local mountain range, Beast's Castle perched high above.

It's an imposing structure, a gargoyled drawbridge serves to welcome wary visitors.

Look at this guy! His face tells the tale of a poor demon whose bladder has been full for centuries. He's in desperate need of a loo! Perhaps there's one nearby?

Of course there is. For those who've been here, we all know there's a great loo tucked just inside the entrance/exit to Beast's Castle. It's one of our favorite places to visit after a breakfast at Be Our Guest (Croque Madame, anyone?).

Seriously, who doesn't love Be Our Guest? The food is fast, creative, flavorful. And the theming -- wow! This place represents Imagineering at it's absolute finest. Those who have visited well know how it feels to be transported straight into one of the Disney Renaissance's finest works. Oh, and if you've never been there during the holidays, truly, you are missing out.

Enough about food and restaurant decor! Let's step into the loo, shall we?

The loo at Be Our Guest is situated near the building's exit, which is also near it's entrance (which is near the restaurant's queue as well). The entrance from the restaurant side is marked by a large archway, supported by two of these handsome devils (no bull -- ed):

Just beyond (and to the right) of this archway is a small alcove where our targets hide: Beasts to the left, Belles to the right. Look at the woodwork here, by the way: it's truly befitting a rich, young, spoiled prince's castle (he doesn't appreciate it like we loo aficionados do -- just wait until that disguised fairy shows up and teaches him a lesson).

Right inside the men's room door, there is small foyer with an arched passage leading into the loo proper:

Once inside the men's loo, we can appreciate the castle motif even further. Cold, grey stone tiles line the floor while the rich mahogany wood trim lends an air of masculinity, further accentuated by a light fixture in the shape of an inverted crown. Two stalls, one ADA-compliant, sit near the restroom's rear.

Here's a sink station large enough to accommodate three children, two adults or one beast. Nothing to see here but stones and earth-tones, folks (feel free to use that as a band name: "Stones & Earth Tones" -- ed). Still, very classy.

Here's a closer look at that wall above the sink:

A tremendous amount of detail, yes? There's a lot to see here in this two foot strip of tile and wood trim. And check out that coppered pattern on the wall above the wood! Very nice. It's a pleasure to wash one's hands (or hooves) here.

Two urinals provide an equal number of opportunities for relief. That said, given the size and popularity of Be Our Guest, it gets a little crowded in here. We wish this enchanted castle's men's loo had a few more basins.

Looking inside the ADA stall, there's plenty of room for a wheelchair, its rider and two attendants. Oh, and I think they need more TP here as there's not quite enough to last us through the apocalypse.

The opposite end of the ADA stall. Disney is mindful of most of our needs, providing a private sink and mirror in many of these newer ADA-compliant units. Nice job, Loo Imagineers!

Looking back toward the entrance, we see a changing station for little Beasts along with an ornately-framed mirror:

Here's a closer peek at the infant area. Honestly, this little nook is nicer than my entire home. I wonder if Mr. Iger would consider allowing us to relocate the Loo Review offices here?

WDW Loo Review Recap of Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Loo:

Capacity: Small (2 urinals, 2 stalls -- 0 ADA compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: C'est Magnifique!

Traffic: Busy

Changing Station: Yes

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Super Easy (for restaurant guests only)

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

Folks, this is a very nice loo. It's clean, well-appointed (albeit a little small) and, most-importantly, its users continue to appreciate the sense of being in Beast's Castle. Oftentimes, there's something lost as we transition from restaurant/attraction to the corresponding loo: the attraction's theming seems to end at the loo door. Not here, though. The loo at Be Our Guest keeps things seriously in-character, serving as yet another little reminder why we're in love with Disney Parks.

Thank you, again, for paying us a visit. We'd love to read your comments and opinion on this, one of our favorite loos on-property! Feel free to leave your thoughts below, hit us up at or even go to our Facebook page. We always love to hear from you!

Until next week, bottoms down and thumbs up!


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