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One Little Spark!

Hey fellow WDW Loo Fanatics! So happy to have you back! Thanks a ton for taking time from your busy life to stop and smell another loo at your favorite place on Earth!

As always, we've got the exclusive scoop on an in-depth review of one of Walt Disney World's featured restrooms for you today (and this one is a good one -- a real hidden gem -- ed); but, first, we want share our gratitude with and offer big props to you, a fan of the WDW Loo Review, for visiting our site, liking us on Facebook, sharing our posts and, in general, just getting the word out about this little blog. The unexpected enthusiasm for WDW Loo Review has floored us here at the home office, and, well, just know we adore and appreciate you!

And now, with that out of the way, in the words of everyone's favorite miniature purple dragon: "Come on, everybody! Let's go!"

Epcot's Imagination Pavilion (and especially its namesake ride, "Journey into Imagination with Figment") evokes strong emotions in just about every WDW fanatic. Problem is, it's hard to guess which emotion it triggers. Many are repulsed by this loud, chaotic dark ride, longing for the Dreamfinder of yesteryear, while others (ourselves at the blog included) just can't get enough of Dr. Nigel Channing and his version of Figment. Regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself, we can all agree that this pavilion needs a loo!

Thankfully, there's one here! What? You've never seen it? Trust us, it's no figment of our imagination -- there's a restroom hiding out in this pavilion. One only employ a little imagination to find it!

What's that you say: you're bladder's bulging?!

There's a loo nearby ... for your unloading!

Just come with us, we know just what to do!

Go 'round the back, now here's the loo!

There's an oft overlooked sign pointing the way to the Imagination Pavilion's loo. It's tucked beneath some branches near the stroller parking area. Take a gander:

Here's a closer look:

It's an easy sign to miss, especially if one isn't pushing a stroller while visiting Epcot. Of course, now that we've found the sign, the loo itself should be just as easy to locate ... or is it?

Here's a view of the pavilion as we near its backside. So far, lots of colors, interesting angles .... but no loo in sight! Never fear, weary traveler! The loo is just a bit further.

Ah-ha! Here it is! The Imagination Pavilion's loo is cleverly tucked-away into the building's backside, hiding beneath the corner of its glass pyramid.

That said, now that we've found it, one wonders how in the world we ever missed this one. Holy primary colors, Ironman! Red walls with orange trim mark the way -- both juxtaposed against a sea of blue. We strongly suspect this loo was designed by the folks at Crayola.

Let's move in a little closer:

The red is even more overwhelming up-close. Look at this wall which features the men's loo on its left side, the women's loo on the right and tons of hardware in-between (including -- not one but TWO -- pay phones and the ever reliable automatic external defibrillator for those whose hearts simply cannot take just how RED this area is -- ed).

Getting closer to the men's loo:

Aaand here's your sign:

Even the blue sign takes on a purple hue in the midst of all this red! Let's shuffle inside, yes?

Wow! Talk about a sharp contrast: there's no transition from the red of this loo's exterior into the interior's blue hues! Gunmetal blue is the theme inside. Blue squares tile the walls, while smaller and varied blue squares line the floor. Cream is the theme of this restroom's ceiling and countertops.

A close-up of the loo's wall tile. It's actually a little textured, which is kind of cool (disclaimer: caress restroom wall tile at your own risk -- ed), otherwise, it's a little bland.

And the floor:

This is the blue variation of an oft-spotted speckled maroon loo floor tile pattern found in just about every park on-property. The variety of colors here makes the floor a little more appealing than the wall (still, no touchy! -- ed).

Six urinals line this loo's wall (the right wall when standing at the loo's entrance, facing in). These are pretty standard Epcot basins, each separated by a similarly standard stainless steel barrier.

Four stalls, including an ADA-compliant one, sit near the restroom's rear. The stalls here are a marbled blue -- a pattern we've never before seen on property. Nifty!

Stealing a glimpse into the ADA-compliant stall, we see that it's not amongst one of the largest ADA stalls the Loo Review has visited. Still, the prerequisite stabilizing bars are here, and the stall is large enough to accommodate one wheelchair (though, not at all big enough to afford room to an assistant).

There are three sinks in here, each one a cream color, seated in a sandy countertop. Here's two basins:

And here's the third. It's situated lower and has an associated bar for ADA compliance:

And here's a first: a combo sink/baby changing station! Way interesting, and kind of cool. The setup definitely makes it easy for dads to wash their hands after changing junior's nappie. Just be careful: hot water burn baby! An adjacent long mirror affords us a chance to perfect our hair prior to wrapping things up.

And here's one last look at the loo, this time looking toward the entrance. Check out that RED!

Before we exit, be sure to stop and listen. There's some original Epcot music being piped-in here, hearkening all the way back to the early 1980's! We have a feeling the color scheme hasn't changed since then either, which makes this restroom a nostalgic treasure that should not be missed!

WDW Loo Review Recap of Epcot's Imagination Pavilion Loo:

Capacity: Medium (six urinals, four stalls -- one ADA-compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: This sea of blue is bordered by one of red

Traffic: light; not too many folks know about this little gem

Changing Station: Yes!

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Employ a little imagination while at the Imagination Pavilion and you should have no trouble

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 urinal wafers

Listen, the individual parts of this loo are a little lacking. The colors, uninspiring, the basins and fixtures, fairly standard. That said, when added together (and with a little original Epcot music tossed in), this loo is more than the sum of its parts. Couple this with the fact that it's not a busy restroom, and you've got yourself a real treasure! This one is a must-use!

Thanks, again, for taking the time to visit WDW Loo Review! If you're new to our site, be sure to check-out the backlog of reviews. We've got quite a list already, and we're adding to it several times a month. You definitely will find the best places to seat your tush if you spend some time with us. Oh, and if you do, please be sure to leave us some feedback. We love your comments and appreciate any Facebook likes you can throw our way as well!

Until next time: bottoms down and thumbs up, friends!

--Loo Review Matt

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