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Announcing the WDW Loo Review Inaugural Bladder Buster Awards

Wow, what a year, right? Listen, we know 2016 was rough on everyone. We'll be happy to wave bye-bye to it here at the blog as well.

That said, 2016 marked WDW Loo Review's first year in existence. With the help of an energized fan base (yes, silly -- we mean you!), our blog saw tons of traffic and we've scored over 9000 Facebook likes in less than a year! Given none of us here at the home office ever thought we'd get 100 followers, we're simply floored. Thank you!

To show our thanks, we're hosting the Inaugural Bladder Buster Awards! We're hoping to turn this into an annual tradition, and with your help, we think we can! Vote for your favorite WDW loo in several different categories (don't worry folks, there's no swimsuit competition -- ed). Here's your chance to offer a pat on the back to those tireless cast members who labor throughout their shifts to keep our loos clean! Here's your chance to prove, once and for all, that you love Walt Disney World so much that you are getting out the vote about its restrooms! Here's your chance to show the world that you know which places are the best for pooping on property!

And, because you're kind enough to vote, we'll be randomizing 3 voters to receive an exclusive WDW Loo Review Crew t-shirt! Holy cow! Heck of a deal, right?

So, what are you waiting for! Get out the vote! Count every vote and every vote counts! Make WDW Loos Great Again! Click on the Facebook link HERE to get started!

Bottoms down and thumbs up, everyone!


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