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We're Really Bad Eggs ....

We're back in Magic Kingdom's Adventureland this week for another loo review, folks; though, this time, it's a nighttime review! You may recall a prior visit to Adventureland took us to Tortuga Tavern's well-themed and less-traveled loo (check it out here if you haven't yet read that review -- it's one of our favorites). You may also recall we've done a nighttime review before as well -- that one of the Aunty Gravity's Loo in Tomorrowland (if you haven't, be sure to read that one as well: clicky-clicky). All that said, we've never before visited Adventureland at night ... but, we are this week!

All of the parks at night are a different experience when compared to their daytime versions, though, Adventureland and stands out in our mind as one of those areas that really embraces that nighttime feel. The courtyard in front of Pirates is dark save for archways, lit with golden lamps, beckoning us towards the attraction (or, when open, the tavern across the way). We imagine ourselves stumbling down the hushed and darkened cobblestone streets of an island of the Spanish Main, looking for a bite to eat, a bottle of rum, the companionship of a winsome wench (shift your cargo dearie, show 'em your larboard side -- ed). The night helps our imaginations stretch a little farther, transporting us to another part of the world, another bygone era.

Nature still calls even on an 18th century Caribbean island, though, and park security (for some reason) frowns on embracing theming to its fullest by relieving ourselves in a dark alleyway. We need to find a loo! Fortunately, there's one nearby, and it's one of our favorites!

Our compasses are pointing northwest as we meander past Pirates toward Golden Oak Outpost, pausing to check out this little candlelit collection of booty. It's a cool little area that we've passed without notice in the daytime, but that has caught our eye frequently at night. The candles' glow, the containers of all shapes and sizes, the herbs drying on ropes -- it all lends the feel of stepping into a swarthy captain's quarters. Be sure to seek out this little scene next time you're in Adventureland at night: it's worth spending a few minutes here checking things out.

Moving along, just a few steps beyond this trove, a lantern-lit arch beckons us towards Pirates of the Caribbean's exterior. Hmmm. We've never noticed this little path before. Let's take a closer look:

The path leads to a small courtyard where seating options abound. Further, we come to a gate (open for now), beyond which lies the booty for our booties! Yes! We've found our loo! It's a nice touch: the entrance to the women's loo here is bathed in a warm, golden glow. Coincidence that urine is likewise golden? We'll let you decide, though, it's been our experience nothing happens by accident here in Magic Kingdom.

Before moving towards the women's loo, a quick turn of the head to our left reveals this handy, hand-painted sign:

Getting closer to the women's loo (This is as close as we'll get to the ladies' restroom, folks. The author's gender prohibits getting closer. -- ed) we see another fine example of Loo Imagineering going the extra mile. It would've been an easy thing to simply hang the typical sign for the women's loo, and nobody would have questioned the decision. Nonetheless, as we've seen time and again (especially in the newer loos), Imagineers have embraced the theme of the restroom and worked to carry that theme into the smallest detail. Just look at the tile here -- colorful tiles border the women's loo sign, framed in Caribbean blue. We love it! As always, it's little touches like this one that set Disney Parks apart from all others.

Just to the women's loo's left is the companion restroom:

Here's a peek into the companion loo: tons of room in here. Not pictured here are the sink, waste bin, vanity mirror and Joshamee Gibbs passed out on the floor in the corner.

Exiting the companion loo and moving further to our left, we see the PotC loo has borrowed a sign from the Tortuga Tavern playbook. "Caballeros" is displayed proudly outside the men's loo, a lantern behind it creating an awesome bathroom sign halo-effect (the phrase "bathroom sign halo-effect is copyright 2016 by WDWLooReview and cannot be used without expressed permission from said party -- ed).

This dude abides ... on the wall just outside the men's restroom. Mad props to the tile guys!

And speaking of tile work, just wait 'til we get inside!

Another's men's room sign, this time just inside the restroom foyer, this one foregoing the usual blue male silhouette in favor of a azul figure more befitting a restroom associated with a pirate-themed dark ride!

Let's move inside the loo, shall we?

Wow! First impressions are important, and this one leaves us wanting little!

This is a huge loo, narrow but deep, with sinks and urinals to the left, baby changing station and stalls to the right. This is a mostly-brown loo, but, as you can see, the browns are in multiple hues accentuated by brightly-colored tile. It just works!

A closer look at the sink station. 5 basins are available for 5 pairs of hands (or 4 pairs of hands along with a single hand + hook combo). The eyes are drawn to 2 pairs of turquoise squares floating above the sink. It's this hint of blue every now and then -- not at all overdone -- that really adds a Caribbean flair to this loo's theme.

Here's a close-up of the lantern vanity lights hanging above the sink station. Wrought metal, bare bulb -- very cool.

Ten urinals offer ample opportunities for an entire watch to relieve itself. The eye (we say "eye" in singular because the other eye is surely covered with a patch -- ed) is again drawn towards the blue in the room:

Here's a close-up of the pattern situated above some of the urinals. It's a simple arrangement: Caribbean blue squares juxtaposed with patterned terra cotta squares, the whole thing surrounded by a deeper blue frame.

And speaking of blue, here is the centerpiece of the entire loo! This cool mosaic of blues and browns adorns the back wall of the restroom. We love the fire alarm perched at the top, by the way, and were tempted to set it off in order to record some video of the light blinking atop this tile arrangement (sort of like the star atop a Christmas tree).

Looking into the ADA stall, we find ample room for assistive devices and assistants alike!

Here's the sink and vanity in the ADA stall. Once again, notice the blue highlights near the ceiling. It's a theme carried throughout this loo. Love it!

Yaar, and what kinda loo review be this without a gander at the tile beneath me feet (er, me one foot and me peg)!

And last, but certainly not least, here's the baby-changing station. We find it remarkably eloquent -- definitely contrary to the austere decor expected of a pirate loo.

WDW Loo Review Recap of Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean Loo:

Capacity: Large (ten urinals, four stalls -- one ADA-compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Aye, this one befits a scurvy pirate's loo

Traffic: medium; occasional surges of traffic depending on the business of PotC

Changing Station: Yes!

Companion Restroom: Yes

Access: Easy -- can be accessed from the Pirates gift shop or from the walkway described in the review (though blink, and you'll miss it)

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

Listen, folks, when have we ever steered you wrong? Trust us when we say the PotC Loo in Adventureland is a must-do doody. It's a large loo, relatively quiet when compared to similarly-sized restrooms. Moreover, it's clean and well-themed. Lastly, if you enter -- not through the gift shop -- but from the "secret" alleyway, you'll feel as though you've discovered something special. Add this restroom to your must use list next time you ride pirates and a splash of that cold water awakens your bladder! You won't regret it.

Thank you, once again, for taking some time out of your undoubtedly busy day to visit our site and read our latest loo review offering. We always appreciate the gift of your time, and to show our appreciation we're going to offer a holiday present to some of our lucky readers! Be sure to visit our Facebook page and toss us a "like" so you can get the lowdown before your friends! Details are coming soon!

Until next time, bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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