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Announcing the Winners!

Greetings! The results are in, the votes tallied. The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! Here are the winners of WDW Loo Review's 2016 (Inaugural) Bladder Buster Awards! Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote last month. We had quite a turn-out.

To our new followers, the Bladder Buster Awards recognize those loos we feel are exceptional among a number of predefined categories. Eligible restrooms included only those the blog reviewed in 2016.

Here are your winners! May I have the envelope please ....

In the category of Best Place for a Quick Stop-and-Go Experience: Epcot's Spaceship Earth Eastside Loo!

Spaceship Earth's Eastside Loo

The Eastside Spaceship Earth Loo earned 28% of the votes in this category, narrowly edging out Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland Aunty Gravity Loo. Though this is a busy location, the design is clean and modern, the loo easily accessible and there's plenty of basins to go around.

In the category of Best Quiet, Out of the Way Loo Experience: Epcot's Imagination Pavilion Loo!

Imagination! Loo

Epcot really cornered the market in this category. While Figment's colorful loo took the lion's share of votes in this category, Epcot's Odyssey Center Loos were not far behind. The Imagination Pavilion loo is classic Epcot with the music from the original Journey into Imagination piped-in for an ambience that simply cannot be topped! Moreover, this loo is out of the way, situated on the backside of Imagination! It's a more quiet, less-traveled place to attend to nature's duty. Well done, Figment!

In the category of best themed loo, we have a two-way tie: Magic Kingdom's Gaston's Tavern Loo and Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Loo!

Be Our Guest Loo

Overhead Light Fixture, Gaston's Tavern Loo

Nothing beats the New Fantasyland expansion among the category of best-themed loo. Be Our Guest and Gaston's Tavern swept this category easily, with Hollywood Studio's 50's Prime Time Cafe restroom in a distant third. We should mention many wanted the Tangled Loos to win this category: alas, we haven't yet featured those excellent facilities and, as a result, they were not eligible to participate in the 2016 Bladder Buster Awards. Something tells us, though, we may see them as nominees this year!

In the category of Best Restaurant Loo: Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Loo!

Statue Outside Be Our Guest (this guy's bladder is about to explode!)

Wow! Be Our Guest's restrooms were a fan-favorite, beating-out such famous loos as those at 50's Prime Time Cafe, Liberty Tree Tavern and Le Cellier! Congrats to Beast, Belle and the excellent house staff for providing us a perfect place to make room for more food!

In the category of best resort loo: Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Main Building Second Floor Loo!

No contest here, folks. The vast majority of you cast your ballots for this opulent restroom, replete with marble, gold filigree, louvred stall doors (not to mention being able to listen to the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra while taking care of business). Congrats to the Grand!

And, finally, in the category of Best WDW Loo of 2016: Epcot's Imagination Pavilion Loo!

Come on, does anyone really stand a chance against a loo fueled by Figment's imagination? Our readers vigorously-voted for this out of the way loo as their favorite, though Be Our Guest followed as a close second!

Before the orchestra plays us off the stage, we'd like to thank all of you who took the time to vote in this year's Bladder Buster awards! We had a blast watching the results come in and reading your comments. Three of you, by the way, are winners of an official WDW Loo Review Crew t-shirt, and we'll be getting in touch with your shortly to arrange receipt of your prize! Congratulations to our winners (but, let's be honest -- we're all winners when discussing the best places to poop at WDW).

Thanks, again, for making our first year such a success! We look forward to a bigger 2017 Bladder Buster Award coming late this year. Please, continue to read the blog and make a mental note of your favorites. Voting season will be upon us in a mere 11 months!

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