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Ooooh, that Smell!

BREAKING NEWS! This just in, folks -- and, if you're a tried and true, die-hard Walt Disney World nut, you'll love it.

We've long considered a trip to WDW a feast for the senses. Sights and sounds abound, tickling our brains in such meaningful ways that a mere measure of music brings treasured memories flooding back. One sense often overlooked, however, is that of smell.

Now, we know what you're thinking: bringing up the smells of WDW on a blog devoted to park and resort restrooms is a little intimidating. After all, there are some frightening olfactory experiences in the loo. Trust us when we say, though, this isn't one of them.

Recall, we've brought up smells before. Our review of the Grand Floridian's second floor lobby loo included information on how to bring that amazing Grand Floridian scent home (Didn't read it? Well, catch the link right here).

This time, however, we're going to help you bring a scent home that's more recognizable, more widespread -- not just confined to a resort lobby. That's right, folks: we have found the scent for all four theme park restrooms!

Introducing, Rubbermaid's Tcell Air Freshener!

Rubbermaid T-Cell Holder

Behold, above you can see the holder for the Rubbermaid Tcell air freshener system! This is a plastic, hinged case that is wall mounted and holds the scent diffuser (which is where the real magic happens -- ed).

And this magnificent beauty is the scent diffuser that fits inside of the case. Now, Rubbermaid makes quite a few scents for the Tcell system, but the scent of WDW park restrooms is none other than the glorious "citrus" (a plain name for such a famous scent)!

Citrus Tcell Scent Diffuser

I'm telling you, folks, this is the real deal. I can't tell you how we confirmed this (but let's say it involves a little snooping around while on property). We reached out to the PR folks at Walt Disney World a few weeks ago for confirmation, but so far, they've been mum. That said, the nose knows, and our nose (which has spent far too many hours in Walt Disney World loos -- trust us on this one) recognized this scent immediately upon opening.

And here's the best news of all: you can buy this for your own home. We found our's on (here's the link) for around $14. The insert indicates the scent lasts 3 months. So far, we've had our Tcell for a month, and it's going strong.

Rubbermaid Tcell Air Freshener with Citrus Scent

Maybe even a little too strong. This is not to be used in small rooms -- the scent is almost overpowering. Use it in a master bath or larger room, otherwise, you may find it off-putting.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. We have, thus far, accepted no money for our work on the blog. Neither Rubbermaid nor Amazon has contacted us and neither have any idea we're writing this post. We simply found something pretty cool for the die-hard WDW fan and couldn't contain our excitement any longer!

Let us know if you give this scent a whirl! We'd love your thoughts and comments!

Loo Review Matt

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