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Innoventing A Secret Future World Loo!

Cool Mural within Future World West

Long time, no see, friends! Sincere apologies for the delay since our last review -- answering real life's call is (dare we say) even more important than answering that of nature while at WDW! That said, we hope to make it up to you by introducing to you another hidden WDW gem!

Now, when we reveal WDW's more secret loos, we often get a lot of complaints: often something along the line of, "How dare you! That's my secret place to poo at WDW!" Listen, we get it: a private privy is truly a rare find in a place as busy as WDW. That said, the magic of WDW is meant to be shared, and we can think of no better magic to pass along than helping others discover new and unique places to make room for their next meal.

And listen, this edition of the WDW Loo Review may very well reveal WDW's most secreted loo yet (more so than the loos at Fort Langhorn & Imagination Pavilion? -- you bet!! -- ed). Why so hidden? We'll get to that in a moment. For now, let's set the stage.

This week takes us back to Epcot (and honestly, who doesn't want to go back to Epcot?). We'll steer clear of World Showcase this time, sticking closer to the park's West side, not too far from The Land and Figment's Imagination! That's right, we're at Future World West. We all know about that crazy busy restroom just beyond the breezeway and to the Southwest of the Mickey, Minnie and Goofy Character Spot. Garsh, even Goofy could find that one as it's clearly marked on the park map.

What if, however, I were to tell you WDW has hidden a cool and colorful little restroom in Innoventions West that is so shrouded in secrecy it's not even marked on the official park map (NO WAY!!!)? Don't believe us? Check out the snippet of the map below, taking close note of that big red arrow.

Location of Future World West's Secret Loo (follow the red arrow)

The Innoventions West Loo can be accessed several different ways. Perhaps the easiest is from the East via the Fountain of Nations courtyard. In the photo below, you'll see a set of double doors tucked-in along the backside of Fountain View (aka -- Starbucks).

Approach to the Innoventions West Loo from the East

Notice there's no sign indicating a restroom nearby. This truly is a well-kept secret!

A closer look at these well-hidden doors:

Doors from the Fountain of Nations Courtyard Leading to the Innoventions West Loo

Once inside, those in need of relief not wander far: this corridor leads us straight past a bank of payphones and right to the women's loo:

View of the Women's Loo, Innoventions West

Hold up! Before we head on in to check out the facilities, you know we've got to show you the approach from the opposite side (we do this because we love you -- ed). For this trip, we opted to enter Innoventions West on the building's Southwest side. Upon walking through the double doors, we're greeted by a blast of conditioned air and this awesome view:

View of the Innoventions West Men's Room from the Southwest Entrance

Check out the colors in here! Sky blue, purple, magenta and seafoam walls accented by potted ferns are the norm here at Innoventions West's interior. The 80's called, and they want their ... uhm ... everything... back (and we love it!). When approaching from this direction, the men's loo is in view, and inside is our destination.

Simple, yet sophisticated. Here we see the unmistakably male silhouette -- in white this time -- featured on a dark purple backdrop. We're not sure what the periwinkle explosion means behind him (it seems to be centered on and emanating from his backside -- could this be purple flatulence?? -- ed), but we love the carpeted wall on which it sits.

Men's Room Sign, Innoventions West Loo

Let's head on in!

Wow! We call this look "Confetti over Chessboard". Look at these colors! Nothing matches, yet everything fits -- this loo proves that too much dissonance can actually be harmonious! In our lengthy travels to WDW loos, we can honestly say this one is truly unparalleled in its remarkably unusual styling.

View from the Entrance, Innoventions West Loo

This is the view from the entrance: bank of sinks to the left, urinals and stalls to the right. Let's take a closer look at each feature: it's almost too much to try and process everything in this loo at once.

First, let's address the obvious: that wall tile! This is madness-level genius here, folks: yellow, red, black, blue colored squares on a white squared background. It's a primary color fiesta! You can see why we refer to this scheme as confetti. We imagine most find this tile immediately endearing or promptly repulsive (though, we here at the blog are of the former contingent).

Confetti Tile, Innoventions West Restroom

Looking down to our feet, we see the chessboard-esque floor tile. Slate squares of black and white stand in stark contrast to the colorful explosion on the walls above. It's such a strange juxtaposition: this floor and those walls. We find it uniquely original Epcot and love it!

Chessboard Floor Tile, Innoventions West Loo, Epcot

Five, strikingly-white basins line nearly one entire wall here at the Innoventions West loo: four for the adults, one for the kids (and the kid in all of us).

Sink Station, Innoventions West Restroom, Epcot

Oh, open stall door, how you tease us so! Let's peek inside!

Stall Doors, Innoventions West Restroom

Here's the ADA stall: nothing too special in terms of equipment. That said, for this smaller-sized loo, there's quite a bit of relative space in here.

ADA Stall, Innoventions West Loo

Another view of the ADA stall, this time of the opposite wall:

ADA Stall, Innoventions West Loo

Oh, and you've got to check this out. The Innoventions West loo features a two-tiered urinal system! There's one urinal sitting flush with the wall of stalls, while two more sit on another wall a few feet behind. This unusual arrangement should come as no surprise given it's inside an equally unusual loo. Ladies, you're jealous, aren't you?

Tiered Urinals, Innoventions West Loo, Epcot

Last, but certainly not least, we were relieved to see the Innoventions West loo features a confetti-colored diaper changing station for the wee ones. This one is much smaller than the standard WDW infant facility; however, the vibrant colors are sure to engage baby minds such that they won't notice the cramped quarters.

Oh, and one more thing, this loo has a soundtrack! Many WDW restrooms have music piped-in for the user's listening enjoyment, and this one is certainly no exception. The music featured here is part of the Innoventions music loop with which we're all familiar, and it's played loudly enough to make the use of this loo an even more enjoyable experience. The loop lasts about 10 minutes, so if you time your pit stop just right, you'll be able to listen to the whole thing (full disclosure -- I listened to the full loop three times through last time I went there -- ed). The playlist is a mix of published and WDW proprietary music.

Here, take a listen as we wrap up the review of this most-memorable of WDW loos:

WDW Loo Review Recap of Epcot's Innoventions West (secret) Loo:

Capacity: Medium (three urinals, three stalls -- one ADA-compliant)

Cleanliness: Spotless

Theming: Unable to define -- in a class of its own

Changing Station: Yes!

Companion Restroom: No

Access: Initially a little hard to find, but once you've discovered it, you'll make it a point to visit each trip to Epcot

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

Come on, who doesn't love this loo! First, it's in a secret location, neglected even on the published Epcot park map. Next, the colors and layout are so strange, so unique that users can't help but find it immediately endearing. Lastly, the music featured within is classic Epcot. This loo is one of our favorites here at the WDW Loo Review home office, and we like it more with each use. Next time you're at Epcot, seek out this experience -- we hope you find it as memorable as we do!

Thank you, again, for visiting our blog for another WDW loo review. There are so many more reviews forthcoming, folks, so stay tuned to the website! Be sure to post your thoughts on this and other loos you've used at the parks and resorts, and thank you so much for your support on social media! We love you guys!

Until next time, bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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