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It's a Jungle Out There!

Greetings one and all! Welcome back to the world's exclusive website devoted solely to in-depth reviews of the restrooms at Disney Parks & Resorts! We here at WDW Loo Review are immeasurably happy you've chosen to take time from your undoubtedly busy life to pay our humble little blog a visit! If it's your first time here, and if you like what you you see, please be sure to like our Facebook page (and if you're a long-time reader and still haven't tossed us a "like" , shame on you! -- ed).

Listen, our most recent review was a little scathing -- we believe rightfully so given the state of the loo reviewed -- but unusually critical nonetheless. If you haven't yet seen our review of the TTC Eastside Loo, be sure to check it out here. The great news: this review is of one of our favorites, and it's a relatively new one on-property. We cannot wait to share this weeks restroom with you: THE LOO AT TIFFINS RESTAURANT AT DISNEY'S ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Sign for Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

Those who've dined at Tiffins understand what a remarkable signature dining experience it is! African dishes are prepared using sustainable sources in a dramatic fashion. Moreover, this is Animal Kingdom's only signature dining spot -- so if you're looking for a fancy and unusual place to dine while in this park, look no further. There's so much more to go on about here: from the sculptures and artwork featured in one of the restaurant's three main dining rooms, the awesome wooden relief of a world map serving as the host station's backdrop and the cool factor of gnoshing small bites while enjoying a cool drink at the establishment's Nomad Lounge. Oh, and don't even get us started on the fact that this place is situated right next to the bridge that will, in but a few short days, lead us to Animal Kingdom's newest land: Pandora! If you can't tell, we really like Tiffins: though it's a bit nontraditional for WDW, it's also (in the same respect) a unique dining experience. Next time you're in the area, give it a go -- for the food, the ambience, the location ... and, of course, the loo!!!!

Entrance to Tiffins, Animal Kingdom, Exterior

Before we hit the head, though, take a look at some of one of the artwork featured in Tiffins Grand Dining Room. Here's a lighted monkey (one of several glowing sculptures featured in this area) adjacent to a colorful, suspended sconce. Both are situated in front of a colorful tapestry.

Lighted artwork, Grand Gallery, Tiffins

Below is a close up of one of the four, large totem poles also featured in the Grand Dining Room. These pieces -- formerly of Camp Minnie-Mickey -- are prominently featured and kept relevant in this, one of Tiffins' three named dining rooms.

Close up of one of the Totem Poles

Enough with art: let's get down to business.

The hallway leading to the restroom area is not too far from the restaurant's entrance, just to the right of the host station. As you can see, the area is well-marked.

Here's another view of the entrance to the restroom area. We love the tile here!

Moving further into the hallway, there are three distinct loos here: a companion and men's loo to our right and women's loo to the left. All feature a heavy wooden door festooned with large, metal studs.

Exterior Restrooms, Tiffins

Here's a look at the men's room sign, white silhouette on a wooden relief:

Men's Room Sign, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

The loo sign for the companion restroom:

Companion Restroom Sign, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

A view (albeit blurry) of the women's loo sign:

Women's Loo Sign, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

Let's head on inside the men's loo for a lookaround, yes?

Sadly, we were unable to snag a photo of the restroom in its entirety. That said, we really love this loo, and we hope our snapshots of each area will endear it to you as well.

There is a double-basin sink station to the loo's left side. So much going on here! Check out the tan, marbled counter, the bronzed fixtures (and mirror frames) and the tile backsplash (oh man -- that tile!!!)! Brown, gold, green, maroon -- we typically don't picture these colors as "working" together, but Imagineering has done a solid job of making these harmonious! Notice how the tile extends throughout the loo, surrounding the urinal's within the vanity mirrors' reflections.

Here's a close up of that tile: notice how it's not a solid green; rather, the color shifts from light to dark and back again depending upon which rectangle at which one stares.

Tile Pattern, Tiffins Restroom, Animal Kingdom

And check out this trim tile! This strip of accent tiles tops-off all tiled sections in this loo. We love the design here: it reminds us of a skyline of exotic parapets against the backdrop of a dusty sky.

Decorative Tile Trim, Tiffins Restroom, Animal Kingdom

Two urinals keep watch over the right side (when standing at the loo's entrance) of the room. One for taller urinators, the other for wee-wee'ers. Again, notice the cool tile pattern which covers nearly half of each wall.

Urinals, Tiffins Restaurant, Animal Kingdom

Hey, speaking of tile: check out the floor pattern here! It's a busy pattern, but it works here, particularly when standing back and soaking it all in with the wall tile pattern.

Floor Tile, Tiffins Restaurant, Animal Kingdom

Conversely, suspended overhead are cool lights such as this one. Okay, the lights themselves aren't that great, but the shadowed pattern radiating out from the bulb is impressive!

Ceiling Light, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

Here's a view of all three stalls, each one shouldering the restroom's theme.

Stalls at Tiffins Restaurant, Animal Kingdom

Take a look at this stall door! Plastic and cold metal doors are nowhere to be found in this loo. Only the finest materials make up the finishes here: each stall door is made of solid, stained wood with decorative patterns on the exterior.

Stall Door, Tiffins Restroom, Animal Kingdom

Here's a look inside the ADA stall. In typical WDW fashion, this stall is HUGE. There is an abundance of space here for a wheelchair and several people -- more than enough for most.

Inside the ADA Stall, Tiffins Restaurant, Animal Kingdom

What visit to a WDW Loo would be complete without stopping-by the diaper changing station? This station is unquestionably one of the nicest we've seen on-property. Though the marbled counter is likely a little cold, it's so fancy, even the most patrician of infants can't help but be impressed!

Baby Changing Station, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

Lastly, here's a peek into the companion loo, done-up in the same finery as the men's loo!

Companion Restroom, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

As we prepare to leave Tiffins for a viewing of Rivers of Light, let's take another -- closer -- look at that colorful light in the Grand Dining Room. Gorgeous!

Suspended Light, Grand Dining Room, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom

WDW Loo Review Recap of the Loo at Animal Kingdom's Tiffins Restaurant:

Capacity: Medium (2 urinals, 3 stalls -- one ADA compliant)

Cleanliness: Fairly clean during a busy dinner service

Theming: Successfully continues the African theme so prominent in the dining areas

Changing Station: Yes!

Companion Restroom: Yes

Access: Easy

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 urinal wafers

This is a good one, folks. Seriously, seek it out. There are few restrooms on property this nice, so well thought-out, so well-themed to the style of the associated restaurant. Even if you're not planning on eating at Tiffins, it's still worth your time to pay the loo a visit -- and now that Pandora is opening, you'll be walking past Tiffins more often. No excuse to not treat your hiney to this fine restroom! If you try it out, be sure and let us know your thoughts!

Thank you, again, for visiting the blog! We can't wait to share more loo reviews with you in the future. Please, if you've got time, leave us a comment, a criticism, a compliment! We love to hear from you!

Until next time, friends: bottoms down and thumbs up!


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