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Coronado's Seven Toilets of Gold

Welcome one and all to WDW Loo Review. I'm your host, LooReview Matt, and you may notice that I'm speaking to you in italics this week. Those who are familiar with our site already know what that means, but to those new to our little blog, please allow me to explain.

First of all, we're glad you're here with us! Be sure to tell your friends about us -- heck, shout our web address from the rooftops if you'd like (although, a "like" on Facebook or a follow on Twitter or Instagram would suffice).

Second, we love the sense of community fostered by a shared adoration of WDW, and, to be sure, our unique website is no exception. We LOVE it when our followers take photos of loos while on-property and submit a review of their own. Seriously, folks, taking photos of urinals and toilets is an entertaining endeavor meant to be enjoyed by many, not just a select few.

To this end, we would like to re-introduce to you Jesse Bisceglia. If you've followed WDW Loo Review for any length of time, you already know Jesse. He's the creator and chief podcaster of The WDW Big Q Podcast!

WDW Big Q is our most favorite podcast among many, many quality competitors. Why? The Big Q offers, without question, the most unique take on all things WDW. The format: each episode has Jesse and guests (often his own brothers) answer a question about our favorite parks and resorts. Don't let the simple-sounding format fool you, though: questions are idiosyncratic, obscure and always hilarious. Examples? Of course! Check out the website to learn answers to Big Questions such as these:

--If you could spread your earthly remains anywhere (and anyhow) at WDW,

where would you do so? (Episode 22: Ashes in Disney World)

--In a fight to the death, which audio animatronics attraction team would

emerge victorious? (Episode 32: Attraction Beatdown)

--And, our personal favorite .... Which restrooms offer the optimal

environment for a good, ah, evacuation experience on-property?

And, listen, these examples are just scratching the scratching the surface.

Alright, enough pomp and circumstance, let's get to the featured loo review!

Everyone, please welcome Jesse Bisceglia!

First, let me say that it is an honor and a pleasure to be guest writing for a blog that I love so much. These articles have dramatically increased the amount of fun and enjoyment I now extract from my Disney vacations. It’s easy to enjoy the attractions, but when you have an informed appreciation and understanding of the bathrooms, each trip to the loo is like a mini vacation within your vacation.

I could go on about specific bathrooms I’ve ducked into simply to enjoy the the wonderful audio loops and themed decor/atmosphere (yes the bathroom atmosphere)... but no, no, I’ve got business to get to.

The bathroom for today is at Coronado Springs, but let’s skip the traditional hotel lobby loo. That’s not for us. We are distinguished. We are commode connoisseurs, latrine lovers, bathroom buffs, and potty professionals. Let the public pack this populated potty. We can do better. And we can doo-doo better.

Coronado Springs is a conference resort. This means lots of meeting rooms, conference halls and the like. So, things can get crowded, which in turn means: more potties! In the conference area, you can find multiple bathrooms that are considerably better than the hotel lobby loos. Bigger, better themed, and less crowded.

They are all pretty similar, but I compared each individual loo in the conference area and found my favorite to zero in on. Here she is folks, nothing jumping out at us yet, but we know what they say about judging books.

Exterior, Coronado Springs Conference Center Loo

It starts with the zig-zagging walk through the hallway, which I love. I once read an article where Walt was talking about the train he put in his backyard. He said that it had to have a tunnel, and the tunnel HAD to have a turn. Why? Excitement. Mystery. What good is a train tunnel if you can see right through it? Now, we can’t see right through into the bathroom for other reasons, but for me, the winding entrance adds some dramatic tension to the beginning of my journey. What adventures will this winding passageway lead to? Let’s find out.

Getting closer....

Here’s a closer look at the artwork that graces the walls of this entrance hallway:

When our wonderful trip through the tunnel is over, we are graced with the following view. Beautiful!

The first thing you may notice is that this loo is luxuriously split into two rooms, with a doorway acting as separation. This place is huge! But the size is not what took my breath away in this loo. (Nor was it the the stench, as it was quite empty and clean). Let me draw your attention to the gasp-inducing light fixtures over the sinks!

These lights make me think, just for a moment, that I was out on the streets with the Pirates of the Caribbean. And complementing them in the background is a unique textured wall.

Across the center of the wall runs a horizontal tile pattern of blue and green.

Let’s take a quick look into the back room of the loo:

Notice the thinner blue strip of accent tile along the wall:

Before we go, we should take a quick look down and examine the floor tiles. It carries the “blue green” theme with a slightly darker backdrop.

All in all, I’d call this loo a success, and there are multiple “copies” of it in the conference area!

Unfortunately, when I took pictures of this loo, I was not on my game enough to research some of the usual “Loo Review stats” such as ADA compliance details, baby-changing area pics, square footage, fragrance machine scent, crowd calendar, and the other usual stuff. Still, I hope this peek into a little-known loo encouraged a little learning and perhaps a future visit.

No worries, Jesse, you were well on your game for this review! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent submission! We here at the WDW Loo Review home office have yet to use this one, so we were thrilled to see Jesse took one for the team and shared his experience. Much appreciated, good sir!

Alright folks, that's going to wrap things up for this review. Before we sign-off, just another reminder to visit The WDW Big Q for all your WDW listening needs. We honestly find it the most entertaining WDW-related podcast out there, and we'll bank on you sharing our opinion! Give Jesse, his family and friends a listen!

Thank you, again, for taking the time to pay us another visit! Until we meet again, bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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