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What a Bunch of Naansense!

What a Bunch of Naansense

Greetings, friends! Welcome back to WDW Loo Review: the world's only site devoted exclusively to in-depth reviews of our favorite places to go #2 at the most magical place on Earth! We are thrilled you continue to frequent our blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram feed -- thank you! Your ongoing interest in this little project of ours fuels our enthusiasm. We appreciate you!

This week, we've got a great review for you. Yes, I know we say that every time a new post goes live (and, come on -- we deliver every time, don't we? -- ed), but this time, we utter it with double the enthusiasm. We truly love this loo and can't wait to share it with you....

But, before we do, please allow us to set the stage. This trip takes us far away from Magic Kingdom and its monorails, Epcot and its Figment, Hollywood Studios and its construction walls. We're even headed beyond Animal Kingdom and its rookery of mini-banshees. This week, we're venturing into the wilds of Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village!

Upon entering the resort's lobby, we head straight back toward the Savannah, carefully descending the stairs at the lobby's rear. As we near the end of the stairs, we are greeted with the view of the following:

Sign Outside of Sanaa

Yes! Sanaa! Listen, this place is phenomenal. Truly, folks, if you've never dined at Sanaa, you're missing out. Yes, we know it's a bit out of the way, but rest assured every bite reminds you that this destination is well-worth the journey. The naan service alone is reason to frequent this establishment, but there's so much more, including some of the most kind cast members on-property. From the hosts and hostesses that always greet us warmly upon check-in to the waitstaff who always seem to find time to linger for a friendly chat, it's not only the food (butter chicken!!!!!!) that makes Sanaa a memorable experience each and every time we visit.

Sign board outside of Sanaa

Oh, and many don't know just what a cool place Sanaa can be for a late night snack or drink. As the sign indicates, the restaurant's lounge is open until midnight, making it one of those rare places outside of Disney Springs where you can adult-it-up until the wee hours with good food and great drinks. Here, take a look at the lounge:

Lounge at Sanaa

Of course, the loo plays a role here as well (what, you thought we'd stop at the food, staff and lounge? -- ed), and this restroom is a doozy: spoiler alert -- it's one of our favorites!

Sanaa's restrooms sit down the hallway from the restaurant's entrance. If we have only one gripe (and we do -- just one gripe, that's it), it's that Sanaa's patrons must leave the restaurant proper in order to use the loo (first world problems, yes?).

Restroom Sign at Sanaa

Upon heading down the hall, those seeking relief need not go far. An arch marks the entrance to the loo foyer, with the women's loo on the right, the men's on the left.

Foyer outside Sanaa's Restrooms

Before we take a closer look at the restroom, though, here's a view of the archway near the bank of elevators at the hallway's end (opposite the restaurant). We love everything about Kidani Village, and this little area is no exception! Check out the cool lights above, clinging to a bamboo ceiling? Or how about the elaborate tile pattern below? Don't forget the numerous art pieces on display, each ensconced in a well-lit recessed area. The building (the whole AKL area, really) is full of cool touches like these -- and, the restrooms are no exception!

Hallway leading to Sanaa

Just look at this piece sitting right outside the women's restroom:

Women's Restroom Exterior, Sanaa

Aaand, lest ye worry, the men's room has it's own authentic piece of African art squatting near the entrance:

Men's Restroom Exterior, Sanaa

Here's a closer look at this fellow. We believe the look on his face is one of pride as he is situated near one of the best restrooms on property (either that, or he's grimacing due to an overwhelming need to use the restroom -- ed):

African Art, Exterior of Men's Loo, Sanaa

Alright, let's move inside, yes? Let's stop and soak it all in from the entrance:

Global View, Sanaa Restroom

Wow! There is so much to take in here! The amount of time and detail put into the design of this loo is almost unparalleled among its on-property peers. We can think of few WDW restrooms to which so much care has been paid to really theme the interior to its constituent building/restaurant. Nice work!

Let's break the loo down into its parts as there's just too much to digest by simply staring from the doorway.

As is often customary here, we'll start with the sink station which is, as luck would have it, one of our favorite features in the Sanaa loo. Brown-hued stone counter tops are accentuated by modern-looking, raised (not the traditional recessed) basins. Each basin has a gently curved faucet from which water pours. We'll take a closer look at the sinks themselves in a moment, but first, take a look at that slab of stone!

Sink Station, Sanaa Loo

Though this restroom is a busy one, the eye is continually pulled back to these stone slabs which frame the restroom's two large mirrors. Coppered wall sconces direct light to the ceiling, illuminating the area indirectly. The look is one of a kind at WDW -- photos here just don't do it justice.

Here's a look at the sink station on the opposite side of the room:

Another Sink Station, Sanaa Loo

Again, stone frames the mirror above the sinks. The attentive eye will notice that these stone pieces are unique: they are not identical at all, imparting a different hand washing experience depending upon which side of the restroom in which you wash-up.

Oh, and check-out the cool infinity effect one can get when standing in between the mirrors and looking in to one of them:

Infinity Mirrors, Sanaa Restroom

A closer look at the hammered copper of the sink stations' sconces:

Wall Sconce, Sanaa Restroom

As promised, here's a closer glance at one of the restroom's four sink basins. We love the modern look of these faucets!

Sink Basin, Sanaa Loo

Maize-colored squares adorn the wall throughout the Sanaa loo. A close inspection reveals imperfections and uneven edges, giving the tile a homemade, rustic look:

Wall Tile, Sanaa Restroom

Oh, and speaking of tile, don't forget to look below your feet! This cool, craggy pattern runs through the front part of this loo:

Floor Tile, Sanaa Restroom

Another look at the Sanaa Loo's floor tile scheme, this time from a different angle:

Floor Tile, Sanaa Restroom

The pattern connects the two sink stations. A word of caution: only experts should attempt to avoid stepping on the cracks here (Celebration Hospital ER has received many mothers with broken backs of late due to inexperienced steppers in this loo -- ed).

A painted archway of gold connects the front of the loo (sinks and baby changing station) to the loo's rear (urinals and toilet stalls). As with everything else here, the archway has a character of its own, with African-inspired prints hand painted along its perimeter:

Painted Archway, Sanaa Restroom

Four tan urinals are hanging out to our left, each one separated by a brown divider.

Urinals, Sanaa Men's Room

Larger brown tiles festoon the walls here, accented by a textured trim, also in brown, though of a deeper shade. Leaning-in for a closer look, the attentive urinator will notice some of these tiles feature views of an African savannah:

Accent Tile, Sanaa Restroom

Four stalls line the opposite wall. Listen, these aren't ordinary stalls, by the way. These are constructed of rich, dark wood, the doors framed by a trail of pyramidal squares. Each door is heavy, and it closes with a definitive thud . No expense was spared in securing user privacy here!

Restroom Stalls, Sanaa

A closer look at a Sanaa loo stall door (quality!):

Stall Door, Sanaa Restroom

Cracking open one of these doors, we are finally able to look at a proper toilet:

ADA-Compliant Toilet, Sanaa

This is a view of the ADA-compliant facility. While Sanaa does not house a companion loo, it's easy to see this stall is large enough to comfortably accommodate a large, motorized chair/scooter along with several assistants. Notice, also, that the Department of Loo Imagineering cared enough to ensure the sink matches the toilet (which, in turn, matches the urinals outside). This is irrefutable evidence that someone really cared when they put this restroom together for us, folks.

Ah, last but definintely not least, here's the baby-changing station! This sits near the restroom's front area. We love how the countertop here matches those of the sink stations. If we were an infant, we would intentionally soil our diaper just to have a changing experience in the Sanaa loo (just sayin').

Baby-Changing Station, Sanaa


Capacity: Enough. (4 urinals, 4 stalls, one ADA compliant). Given Sanaa's moderate capacity, this loo seems appropriately-sized.

Cleanliness: Exceptionally clean!

Theming: Tastefully done, tons of details. This loo's design dovetails nicely with the theme of Kidani Village and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Changing Station: Yes!

Companion Loo: No

Access: Easy (but only if you're dining at Sanaa)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Urinal Wafers.

Truly, folks, the photographs here don't do this loo justice. There simply isn't another restroom like this one on-property, and, for this reason, we can't recommend this loo highly enough. If you don't come to Sanaa for the food and friendly service, at least come for the restroom experience. Honestly, this loo is one you'll tell your grandkids about years from now.

Thank you, again, joining us! We love that you love WDW and everything about it, including the restrooms! Please, be sure to check back regularly for new loo reviews. Oh, and if you'd really like to stay up to speed regarding all things WDW Loo Review, toss us a like on Facebook or follow us on Instagram (@looreviewmatt) or Twitter! We appreciate you and all the support you've thrown our way!

Until next time, friends: bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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