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The Best Loo On-Property?

Not click bait! We promise! We here at WDW Loo Review are excited to share some news with you: we may have discovered the best-themed loo on-property (quit your jobs, folks, the end is near -- ed)! We know, we know -- you've heard us rank many WDW restrooms highly over the last few years. You're thinking, "I've seen this before: more bathroom hype from that guy who really needs a new hobby."

You might be right ...

... but, we still have an amazing loo to show you. Judge for yourself if you think it's the best!

Today's review finds us back in Magic Kingdom revisiting a loo that we panned a bit less than one year ago. You may recall our review of Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe's loo found it somewhat lacking (you'll definitely want to check out the "before" here) in both cleanliness and size. Though themed appropriately for Tomorrowland, the facilities were simply too small for Cosmic Ray's, especially given that this restaurant has the distinct honor of being both the largest and busiest fast food joint in the U.S. Perhaps not coincidentally, our review of Cosmic Ray's was followed shortly thereafter by an announcement that the restrooms there were going to be refurbished!

And, boy-oh-boy, are the new facilities a step-up. In fact, we're convinced the new loo at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe has raised the bar for all other WDW restrooms. Let's take a look, yes?

Unlike our usual review where the loo approach and exterior are detailed, we're going to skip that information this time around as last year's renovation failed to change much outside the loos. If you're interested in those details, be sure to click right here; but, if you're ready to see the new stuff ... let's dive right in.

(Beware, people: he's about to wax romantic over a bathroom again. -- ed)

There's so much to see inside this loo. It's been entirely re-skinned in a theme we can best describe as "nouveau-Tomorrowland". Bid adieu to the tired color schemes, the old tiles, the textured stainless steel, and say "Hello" to this:

What is this, you ask? Honestly, it is perhaps the coolest thing we've ever seen in a restroom. It can best be described as a piece of glittery, LED-lit art which hangs just inside Cosmic Ray's post-renovation men's loo entrance. When one walks in, this hourglass-shaped, futuristic spectacle greets the restroom-user with sparkles and colors galore, whispering promises of the galactic loo beyond! Colored lights play on a glittery backdrop in a pattern so mesmerizing one is tempted to simply stop in the doorway and stare.

Certainly, a mere photo doesn't do justice to this feat of Loo Imagineering. Fortunately, we've got a .gif or two upon which the eyes can feast. Here's a look at the entire piece in action (warning, may not be viewable via Facebook mobile device -- bummer):

And, here's a close up of some space-age sparkly goodness:

Come on! If this isn't the coolest thing you've ever seen in a restroom, then you need to guest-author some reviews and share with the rest of us. Oh, and the best part: the whole light show is accompanied by the piped-in Tomorrowland music loop, which, we'll include here (thanks to our friends at WDWFacts and YouTube) for your listening pleasure as you finish this post (warning again -- won't be viewable through Facebook on your mobile):

Listen, we could stop here, we really could, and this little area alone would top most of the restrooms on-property. It's so unique, so cool, so unexpected, and it sets the stage for the out-of-this-world evacuation experience waiting ahead!

Before we move on, I can already hear the grumblings from the Tangled Loo contingency: "Yeah, this little light show is cool; but, this ain't no Tangled restroom. Where are the sunflowers, the cast iron skillets, the wanted posters? Where's Pascal, for crying out loud?"

I get it, folks. We've held off on reviewing the Tangled loos because we want to really go in-depth on a pooping experience which represents the whole package for many WDW restroom aficionados: excellent theming (inside and out), modern amenities, spacious facilities. They are a favorite place for many to answer nature's call -- including we here at the blog. That said, the Department of Loo Imagineering had a full file of characters, props and even the entire kingdom of Corona -- all of which had been well fleshed-out by writers, artists and animators -- upon which to draw for designing the Tangled restrooms.

This loo, however, isn't based upon any movie or intellectual property. The renovated loos at Cosmic Ray's are wholly new creations, built upon nothing save the notion of creating a restroom that might be a "fit" for an intergalactic diner. We would argue it may have taken more creative fortitude to design Sonny Eclipse's favorite potty than Flynn Rider's. Of course, there's no reason why you can't have more than one favorite on-property loo! Some days you feel like pooping in space, others on terra firma while a wily chameleon watches. There's lots to love at both!

Alas, we digress ....

Check out the sink station here. It's about as next-gen a wash basin as we've ever seen:

Seriously, folks, this thing is so hard to describe. It's an unusual, elongated, toothpaste-colored rectangular basin which slopes inward such that the water, which streams from futuristic faucets, flows down into a central slit of a drain. Weird, but very cool.

There are three sink basins in this loo. Let's take a closer look the other two which are paired and sit on an adjacent wall:

See the two parallel slits at the bottom of each basin? That's the drain!

We have the technology, folks.

In this basin, you can see the squared soap dispenser looming over the sink drain and nestled between two faucets.

We're going to pull back a bit to really soak in the whole area:

Look at this sink station in all its intergalactic glory! Check out those futuristic LED lights which run parallel to one another near the ceiling and then, turning 90 degrees, extend into the ceiling itself! Look at the cool accent tile running above the sink, trimmed by more light blue! We're hard pressed to think of a more cool looking sink on-property.

A close-up of the accent tile which runs above the sinks and baby-changing station:


And here's a closer look at those lights which can be found above each sink station and at the baby-changing area as well:

Distinct lines, bright white really make this restroom pop. It looks ultra modern and super clean (which it was).

Four urinals line one wall just beyond the sinks. White dividers separate white basins -- it's white overload here, but it works, folks!

Oh, and look at the tile below the second urinal from the left. The floor is a dark taupe save parallel strips of off-white tile which mimic the lights above. It's a cohesive theme, tying everything together from this loo's top to bottom.

And speaking of top, check out the light fixture which illuminates the urinal and stall area!

This thing is awesome. Made of chrome, each spoke is illuminated from within by bright white LEDs which both shine up and downward. This is an eye-catching fixture which well-lights this entire area of the loo, including the ceiling upon which it hangs (creating a halo effect around it).

See! Look at that glow, cast on the ceiling:

This light is a close second to the cool, multi-colored dancers which greeted us at the loo's entrance. It's simply perfect for Cosmic Ray's.

A wall of seven stalls sits opposite that of the urinals. We love the design on the stall doors:

Most doors at WDW are monotone, without much flavor. These, however, are a fit and mimic (in color) the floor while also mimicking (in their convex pattern) the accent tile above the sinks.

Here's a peek into the ADA-compliant stall, decked-out in the same white tile with blue accent and containing the usual separate sink and waste bin. It's clean, futuristic -- not as much flair as the rest of the loo, but it works nonetheless.

A look at the sink inside the ADA stall:

Imagineers didn't stick with the futuristic basin and faucet of the main area, which is a shame, but understandable.

Lastly, here's Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe's pièce de résistance: the baby changing station!

Tell me, which baby wouldn't love to have his butt pampered here? Quite frankly, I'm contemplating wearing a diaper for my next trip just to experience this gem of a station (please, don't volunteer to change him -- ed).


Capacity: Medium

Cleanliness: Exceptional

Theming: Ermagerd! There's so much to gush over! We love it!

Companion Loo: No

Access: All day (even when the restaurant isn't yet serving food)

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 Urinal Wafers

Oh boy, this was a great one, folks! We absolutely adore this restroom for its unique, modern take on a space-aged loo! From the cool lights which greet users at the door, to the ultra-cool sinks to that spoked light overhead -- this is a loo for the record books. Our only gripe: given the size of the associated restaurant, this loo could stand to be a little larger. That said, it's a small complaint against an otherwise exceptional loo.

We stand by our assertion: this is the best-themed restroom on-property. Before you disagree, head on over shortly after the park opens. Even though Cosmic Ray's launch bays don't start serving food until 10AM, the building opens when the rope drops, affording you a one-of-a-kind chance to walk into an empty, awesome loo and soak it all in (oh, and Sonny is performing as well). Then, if you still disagree, we'd love to hear from you (or if you love it as much as we do, we'd love to hear from you, too)! Heck, we just love to hear from you ... period!

Thank you, again, for taking the time to visit us; and, thanks, as always, for sharing our blog with friends and family on social media! We appreciate you so much!

Until next time: bottoms down and thumbs up!

Loo Review Matt

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