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Nothing Up My Sleeve!

WDW's Boardwalk Area from Across Crescent Lake

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, characters both hand-drawn and CG, welcome to another exciting, hair-raising, thill-a-minute WDW loo review! Lean forward in your chairs, friends! Carefully scrutinize the feats you're about to see! We promise you, by evening's end, your mind will find itself unable to reconcile that which the eyes discern as anything less than WDW magic! Performed mere feet from the shores of Crescent Lake, this speakeasy's restroom promises to take us back to a turn-of-the-century vaudeville magic show. That's right: we're headed to AbracadaBar's loo!

AbracadaBar (yes, the second "b" is capitalized -- not a typo) opened at Walt Disney World's Boardwalk area in 2016, filling the space once occupied by Seashore Sweets with a well-themed bar experience! The backstory: AbracadaBar was a speakeasy lounge where prominent 1940's illusionists would hang out after nightly performances. Without warning, the patron magicians simply vanished from the bar one night over 70 years ago. The bar's reopening breathed life into the old lounge, which is said to hold magic lingering from that fateful evening so many decades ago. We love the backstory concocted by WDW Imagineers almost as much as we enjoy the loo inside!

AbracadaBar sits on Crescent Lake's southwest shore, adjacent to (and sharing a restroom with) Flying Fish. We love this restaurant's iconic sign, the flashing neon bathing the boardwalk below in reds and blues.

Though not reviewing Flying Fish itself, we can't help but feature a photo of this Boardwalk fixture's interior. Also redesigned a few years ago, we love the under the sea vibe exuded by this establishment.

We also find it curious a signature dining restaurant does not offer its own restroom, choosing instead to share one with the bar next door.

Generally, though, we don't mind walking to AbracadaBar for a pit stop. The theming within is simply top notch, and the restrooms, as we'll see, are no exception.

Crushed velvet walls cradle marque posters of the departed magicians, including this one featuring The Great Nyokaa:

Just off the bar is a short hallway leading to the men's, women's and even companion loos:

Walking down this dark hallway, we see walls heavily laden with photos and magic memorabilia, all framed and spotlit. We love this vintage appearing ace of clubs and its not so subtle hidden rodent:

Magicians refine their acts in this circa-1940's photo, surely taken around the time of their notorious disappearance:

We love the unique signage outside each restroom! Check out the women's loo silhouette, magic wand at the ready:

The companion loo sign features a magician and his stunning assistant:

Lastly, a mustached Merlin adorns the wall outside the men's loo:

Entering the men's restroom, we see the area is themed as the backstage area once used by our long-missing male magicians. Check out the classic dressing room mirror, complete with lights!

There's a large mirror over the double vanity and a smaller one situated above the single. A faintly green marble counter sits beneath with white basins fed by shining chrome faucets.

Two urinals adorn the wall opposite the sink station, each one nondescript, separated by a brown divider.

We love the glass block tile which adorns the walls in this loo, adding a touch of off-white class to an already sophisticated, well-themed restroom.

And check out the trim which runs throughout the loo's perimeter. It sits at eye-level, giving those who prefer to stand and go something to admire whilst taking care of business.

The pattern is hypnotizing, and we can only imagine the magicians would, therefore, approve.

Speaking of cool tile designs, check out this awesome mosaic which sits opposite the restroom stalls. It's a way-cool reminder to which direction our magicians should run when their bowels are done exiting stage left.

In terms of the stalls, themselves, they're a fairly pedestrian brown without much flair ....

... or are they?

We love this cool little touch on the ADA-compliant stall door. This is next-level loo-Imagineering, friends! Nobody would have faulted this restroom's designers if the standard ADA placard would have been employed here; however, someone decided to make this sign a little extra special -- and it makes all the difference!

Here's a peek inside said ADA stall. Not too much to see here: standard fixtures, plenty of space.

Sink station and vanity inside the ADA-compliant loo:

Faux wood tile squats underfoot. This is a common theme in many of the newer loos on-property. It's a classic yet modern look, easy to keep clean and hides dirt well. We like this choice.

And, what visit to a WDW loo would be complete without checking out the baby-changing station?

We love this one. It's refined, pleasant (baby-butts love being cleaned on stone counters) and the same glass block theme along with that interesting trim carries throughout even this little alcove.

Check this out: even baby gets in on the act, wearing a dapper magician's bowtie! Again, just another touch to add dimension to an already awesome loo!


Capacity: Small (3 stalls -- 1 ADA compliant -- and 2 urinals)

Cleanliness: Magically clean

Theming: Doug Henning and David Copperfield approve (but not Chris Angel -- he's too moody). Hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Companion Loo: Yes

Access: Easily visited when at Flying Fish, in AbracadaBar or just taking a Boardwalk stroll

WDW Loo Review Score: 4.5/5 Urinal Wafers

Another heavy-hitter, WDW Loo Fanatics! This is one magical evacuation experience. While AbracadaBar might be mourning the disappearance of its magicians, we are celebrating the magic of this awesomely-themed, super-clean restroom! The AbracadaBar loo is definitely worth your time next time you're in Disney's Boardwalk area!

Until next time, friends! Bottoms down and thumbs up!

-- Loo Review Matt

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