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An (Eddie) Valiant Effort!

Hey folks! We've missed you, and we are so sorry for the extended absence! To make it up to you, our loyal reader, we've got a guest review for you -- and it's a record-breaker for us. This is the first loo review out of Anaheim! That's right, our first Disneyland review! And who better to guest author our first West Coast review than the WDW Big Q Podcast's very own Jesse Bisceglia! Jesse took a recent trip to one of Disneyland's most iconic lands and just couldn't resist reviewing a restroom while there. We can't wait to share this one with you ... BUT, before we do, we also want to give a shout-out to Jesse's most recent work.

Whaaaaat, you say? You mean friend of the blog, Jesse Bisceglia, is cranking out more than just excellent podcasts? Oh boy, you bet he is. Jesse just created his first full-length album, entitled "Off-Ride Audio". This is an original composition with tracks from just about every genre imaginable -- and here's the kicker: lyrics are taken from WDW attractions and narrations! This is a truly creative piece of work that will amuse and impress only the most intrepid WDW fan! Take a listen at the WDW Big Q Podcast's homepage,at the WDW Big Q's YouTube channel, and if you're feeling very appreciative (and who wouldn't), visit Jesse's Patreon page and become a contributor so he can continue churning out quality work for us all! Trust us, one listen and you'll be hooked!

And now, without further ado, we turn things over to Jesse Bisceglia, for a guest loo review!

It is an honor to contribute to a blog that I love so much. I have had the opportunity to do so in the past, and I have another Disney Loo to discuss today. However, this potty is not at Walt Disney World! That’s right, I went west for this one. On a trip to Disneyland, I found myself searching out, comparing, ranking, (and, now and then, actually using) the bathrooms. I thought it would be fun to review a potty that exists in a land that does NOT exist in Disney World, so I went off to Mickey’s Toontown!

The thought of a bathroom in Toontown delighted me. I personally love the way Toontown feels as soon as you walk in. The theming is everywhere you look, you can’t get away from it! Everything is built with curved lines and edges (as if a cartoonist drew it), and the colors are just so bright and cartoony! There are many interactive elements in Toontown as well. Open the mailbox and hear a silly voice. Try to open a door, and you are treated to lights and sound effects, the list goes on.

So what kind of zany fun might awaits us in the Toontown bathroom? Twisted, colorful plumbing pipes under, above and all around the sinks? Wacky sound effects coming from behind the walls? Toilets that squirt water up like a geyser when you flush them? Undoubtedly, the Toontown flavor must be carried through into the bathroom right? Let’s take a look!

Yowzers! And not the good yowzers like from a cartoon! This yowzers is more like... “Yowzers! Why didn’t they clean this place up?! Or theme it?!”

I definitely caught this place at a bad time, and it is pretty heavily trafficked. I did see the custodial staff come in soon after I left. Still... not even a bright cartoon-ish tile scheme? Who thought grey and beige would be a great fit for Toontown? There’s just such a difference from the feel of outside these bathroom doors compared to inside. The bathroom is like an exit from Toontown.

But, it’s not all bad news! There are some great touches here which we can focus on. This loo is close to Roger Rabbit’s Car-toon Spin attraction, and there is, in fact, a bit of a Roger Rabbit theming present.

Just check out the Men and Women signs!

That’s more like it! Now this I like! Do you suppose they took the same care with the baby changing station? Well......

They sure did! It’s Baby Herman from the Roger Rabbit cartoons! Of course! It’s just the sterile steel basin tub thing that throws me off. With the Roger Rabbit theming in mind, it seems like the kind of thing Judge Doom himself would use to store “The Dip.” See the highly professional artist rendition below.

Aside from the 3 cartoon plaques, that’s really as far as the theming went, which is a shame in such a heavily themed area. Other than that, it’s pretty standard: 4 tall urinals and a shortie, 3 sinks, a few stalls, an uninspired color theme.

When visiting Disneyland, you may find yourself here, as it’s the only game in town (Toontown that is) for bathrooms. Head on in if needed, but don’t expect a complementary experience to what lies outside. I didn't see it when I toured his house, but I can only assume Mickey has his own private potty somewhere in his place.

Thank you, Jesse, for this ground-breaking contribution! And thank you, friends, for tuning in again! We love that you love our blog, and are always appreciative of your attention! Don't forget to give the WDW Big Q a listen, and especially listen to Jesse's "Off-Ride Audio"!

Until next time, friends .... Bottoms down and thumbs up!

--Loo Review Matt


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