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Poop-Dee-Doo Review Podcast Announcement

Hi folks! It’s been a busy week here at the home office, what with our first guest review featuring a Disneyland loo and the promotion of our friend Jesse’s album, “Off Ride Audio”. We’re exhausted, but we’re also just getting warmed up.

We here at the WDW Loo Review home office are proud to announce our affiliate podcast, “The Poop-Dee-Doo Review”! We’ve been toying with the notion of trying a podcast for some time, and although we initially thought it would never work, we were reminded of how many people are following this blog (who knew?!) and were inspired to forge ahead.

Thus, The Poop-Dee-Doo Review was born! We’re already two episodes deep into our first season, and we’ve had a blast! We’ve got a lot planned for the podcast: loo discussions, lots of harmless potty humor, featured loo reviews, guests and so much more!

So, if you’ve always wanted to take our little Disney Parks & Resorts bathroom discussions with you on the road,in the gym or even in the loo, now’s your chance! We can be found on all major podcast apps! Download us today and give us a listen!

Oh, and If you like what you hear, please not only subscribe, but also leave a positive review! We’ve enjoyed your support for years on social media (thank you!) and we would love to see some thrown at the podcast if you’ve got the time.

Thank you for your years of readership, your comments, your sharing us amongst friends. We appreciate you, and we hope this podcast will ignite a friendship anew!

Bottoms down and thumbs up, friends!

Loo Review Matt


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