But I be Done Seen 'bout Ev'rything

Welcome back to another Loo Review! This week's promises to be chock-full of cotton candy goodness; but, before we get started, we just want to say "thanks" to all of you. We've hit over 2000 "Likes" on Facebook this week: something we never thought we'd see in our first year, let alone the less than 8 weeks the blog has been live. Your efforts to share our posts and refer your friends has been nothing short of touching. Thank you! Please, rest assured, your help has served to really get us revved up for this site's future: we've alluded to big plans for the blog in the past (which, we know, sounds silly given what we're all about here), and your support will only serve to get the atte

Sea Turtles, Mate.

Avast ye land lovers! Hear me now or you'll be payin' your respects later whilst biding your time in Davy Jones' Locker! This week, we be sailin' the high seas in search of a most desirable Loo! Indeed, the journey be a long one from last week's port at DHS. We be weighin' anchor at Crescent Lake, weathering the waves of World Showcase Lagoon as ye scurvy dogs sail towards that a-cursed monorail abomination. We'll hoist the mainsail at the Transportation and Ticket Center, and, if King Triton be in a friendly-type mood, we'll cross Seven Seas Lagoon, hopin' to be arrivin' to Walt's Kingdom by nightfall. Aye, it's bound to be a-tryin' trip, and some of ye surely be not makin' the return jou

Rhapsody in Mint

Leaving the elegance of the Grand Floridian behind (You did read last week's Loo Review, right? We publish new one every Sunday, so be sure to look in the archives and get caught up ... ed.), we're going to take a bus back to Disney's Hollywood studios just in time for dinner. There are so many exciting dining options at DHS: we can cram into a car and watch aliens invade earth on the big screen at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, or travel back in time to dine at a 1920's Hollywood landmark, or grab a carrot cake cookie at the soon to be demolished (#sadface) Writer's Stop on Commisary Lane .... In fact, there's so many great dining choices at this one park, we often find it difficult to choose j

Listen, Barnaby!

Put on your Sunday clothes, There's lots of world out there. Get out the Brillantine and dime cigars! We're gonna find adventure in the evening air. Girls in white, in a perfumed night Where the lights are bright as stars! This week, we step away from the parks for a resort visit (our first), and we're going to really class it up this time. Fellas, where we're going, flip-flops and shorts simply won't do. Gals, toss the yoga pants and tank tops in the hamper. It's nothing but suit jackets and evening gowns for the likes of we Loo Reviewers this week! Don't let the implied dress code deter you, though: let's have some fun! We're off to find the classiest restroom on property! As we lea