More Fun than a Pack of Hyenas

Hello everyone! Welcome to WDW Loo Review! We'll get started on this week's review shortly, but first we'd like to take a second to express our appreciation to you for visiting our site. If it's your first time here: welcome! We're so happy you found us! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to visit our blog -- we hope you find it an entertaining and unique diversion from whatever stress life has brought your way this week. Also, if you're a repeat visitor to WDW Loo Review, welcome back! We missed you, and we can't wait to share this week's exclusive review with you! This week, we visit Disney's Animal Kingdom, which is another first for us (last week we visited the Senses Sp

Senses and Sensibility

Hey there! Thanks for joining us once again for another Loo Review! You know, we hit 2500 "Likes" on Facebook this week, which is about 2500 more than we thought we'd have by now. As we've mentioned before, we owe it all to you. Who knew there would be so many interested in this topic? Please, keep up the good work by sharing our posts, telling your friends about us (not all your friends, of course, just the Disney nuts like we all are -- the rest will just think you're crazy -- ed). Your interest and feedback keeps us all motivated here -- we love cranking out a new review every week. You guys are great: thanks so much! This week, we're doing someting different (given the nature of

#1 if by Land, #2 if by Sea

Hi everyone! Welcome back to WDW Loo Review, and thanks for joining us for another week's review! Last week, we published our first not-so-positive review of a restroom at WDW: the restrooms outside of Liberty Inn, located at Epcot's American Adventure. It pained us to do this as we are a decidedly American (would any other nationality blog about their favorite restrooms? -- ed) site, and we wanted to give the home team some props. Alas, we simply could not given our desire to stay true to our goal of offering accurate reviews of our subject loos. It is, therefore, with more than just a little pride, that I announce the return of the American loo! Yes, just like Rocky IV, we're coming of

The American (mis)Adventure

Hi all! Welcome to another Loo Review! If this is your first time here, we're so pleased you've joined us! Now, we know that, if you are a first-timer, you're here out of curiousity, right? You're checking us out to see if we're for real: a blog dedicated to the restrooms of Disney Parks and Resorts?! No way. Can't be real. In fact, we are for real. We've opted to create a fansite dedicated to something no other fansites are reviewing! Is it strange? Sure is; but, nobody can say we're not unique. And you know what? We're having fun here! Seriously, who doesn't enjoy a little harmless potty humor when talking about ... er ... potties? At any rate, regardless of how you got here, we