Coronado's Seven Toilets of Gold

Welcome one and all to WDW Loo Review. I'm your host, LooReview Matt, and you may notice that I'm speaking to you in italics this week. Those who are familiar with our site already know what that means, but to those new to our little blog, please allow me to explain. First of all, we're glad you're here with us! Be sure to tell your friends about us -- heck, shout our web address from the rooftops if you'd like (although, a "like" on Facebook or a follow on Twitter or Instagram would suffice). Second, we love the sense of community fostered by a shared adoration of WDW, and, to be sure, our unique website is no exception. We LOVE it when our followers take photos of loos while on-propert

The Wildest Flush in the Wilderness!

Howdy folks! So happy you've come back to visit! We know the trail's a long and dusty one, so pull up a chair and oblige yourself to sit a spell. Six Bits and Dolly will be around soon with some fried chicken and cornbread. In the meantime, care for a cold sarsaparilla while you wait? No? Well, why the heck not? Ah, I gotcha. You haven't used the commode since Dodge City! Well shoot, pardner! Let me point you and your kin in the right direction: the relief you're a-seekin' is just right around the corner there. Go make a little water then come on back for some grub. I aint goin' anywheres. Oh, and be warned: we've got a little fire ant problem 'round these here parts. So to ma