Dear Disney: I Want to Poop in Outer Space

An open letter to Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts ..... Dear Bob: First, allow me to congratulate you on the resounding success of this year's D23 Convention. The Parks and Resorts division staged a coup, winning the whole of the internet this past weekend with a series of exciting announcements and previews of all the wonderful things to come to our most favorite places on Earth. We hope you take some time to celebrate with your staff of talented Imagineers who are making dreams become reality for all of us: you've earned a glass of champagne or three! Cheers! After the confetti is swept away, the karaoke machine packed up, the bartender sufficiently-tipped, thoug

What a Bunch of Naansense!

Greetings, friends! Welcome back to WDW Loo Review: the world's only site devoted exclusively to in-depth reviews of our favorite places to go #2 at the most magical place on Earth! We are thrilled you continue to frequent our blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram feed -- thank you! Your ongoing interest in this little project of ours fuels our enthusiasm. We appreciate you! This week, we've got a great review for you. Yes, I know we say that every time a new post goes live (and, come on -- we deliver every time, don't we? -- ed), but this time, we utter it with double the enthusiasm. We truly love this loo and can't wait to share it with you.... But, before we do, please allow us