An EPCOT Odyssey (sans cyclops)

This week's review takes us to Walt's Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It's an epic journey, a real Homer-run! A tribe of Lotus-eaters couldn't keep us away! Yes, this week, we are in Epcot, destination: Odyssey. What is Odyssey, you ask? You've never heard of it, you say? I'm not surprised. Most of us have seen the Odyssey Center. Many likely have wondered what it is, but I suspect quite a few haven't ventured to see it up close. The Odyssey Center as it's now known (it was formerly called just "Odyssey") is situated between Future World and World Showcase. More specifically, it's between Test Track and the Mexico Pavillion. It's that low, odd shaped building situated

Tom's Frigid Commode

Faster than Becky Thatcher can steal a kiss from Tom, we move this week from Hollywood Studios to the famed Magic Kingdom. Our travels take us down Main Street USA, making a left at the hub and heading first through Liberty Square en route to Frontierland, our destination. Banjos are playing, the scent of freshly-popped corn in the air, and those weird white birds with the long beaks are everywhere (you know the one's I'm talking about, right?). The day is a cool one, just a tad under 50 degrees fahrenheit, and we're layered up for a quick trip across the Rivers of America. As we pass Country Bear Jamboree, we glance to our right and see a small, but charming island where a brown shack c

Lights, Motors, Flush!

With as much pomp as I can muster, I welcome you to our inaugural Walt Disney World restroom review!

More Lessons Learned ....

As I begin my second week of WDW bathroom research .... Okay, I'll be honest here folks, it's not been all work. After all, all work and no play makes Johnny-on-the-Spot a dull boy. I've had a blast here. In the year since I've visited, so much has changed, IS changing. I witnessed the last few twinkles of the Osborne Lights, wandered through the new Star Wars Launch bay, admired the new hub in Magic Kingdom, and tons more. It's been a wonderful visit, so far. At any rate, as I start my second week of having fun with my family and my new hobby of bathroom reconnaissance, I've been struck by one fact: I have no idea what a woman's restroom looks like here at the parks. Moreover, unles

Lessons Learned from Week One of WDW Restroom Research

Greetings from cool, misty Walt Disney World! This week marks the first week of WDW restroom research, and, boy, I have a lot to learn. First, I never thought about the implications of taking photographs in the restrooms of a busy theme park. I've received some strange looks over the last few days. Of course, I never take photographs of fellow guests relieving themselves. However, I've found that I will have to linger in a corner of the restroom -- sometimes for up to 5 minutes -- in order to get a shot where nobody else is doing their, ah, duty. I tend to look at the ground while waiting in order to keep from giving the impression that I am THE PREMIERE RESTROOM STALKER AT WALT DISNEY