In the shadow of the world's most famous golf ball sits a restroom, much maligned for being too bland, unthemed, milk toast. We've all seen it -- heck, we've probably all walked past it thinking, "Naw, I'll wait for a better loo." That said, is it fair to judge the worthiness of a loo by its exterior? Can one adequately determine whether a toilet is suitable for one's posterior without first trying it? After all, my 7 year old son hates Brussels sprouts, though he's never tried them -- this makes no sense ("How do you know you don't like them, Will? You've never tried them!" -- ed). This week, therefore, we plan on venturing to an oft overlooked loo in an attempt to truly learn whether

Pie and Pudding en Flambe

Wow! Has it been another week already?! It's truly amazing how time flies when one spends it pursuing a passion: reviewing the restrooms at Disney Parks and Resorts. It's true, we admit it -- we're a little crazy here at WDW Loo Review. Then again, you must be a little nuts, too. After all, you're reading our blog, aren't you? Listen, it's fine. Embrace your inner Disney dork. Acknowledge that little fella, and let him know that there's nothing wrong with loving a place that's so cool, so good for the soul that it's okay to read about the restrooms there. And while you're at it, give that spud a warm hug from us -- we love him! This week, our never-ending search for the most-perfect

(Un)Loading Dock

Howdy folks! What a gift it is to see you here! Welcome back, and rest assured, we've got one humdinger of a loo review for you this week; but, before we get started, we're going to need a little help. If you wouldn't mind, we'd like your assistance at Hollywood Studios. There's a few items we've shipped, arriving by freight, and we'll need some help at the loading dock. We've got a crate-full of triple-ply toilet paper, several boxes of industrial disposable strength toilet seat liners and a few Dyson air blades. This stuff is heavy, and moving it all is not to be tackled without enough hands on deck. We'll meet you at the loading dock. What's that you say? What loading dock? Surely

Haus Party!

Greetings, fellow WDW Loo enthusiasts, and welcome back to another fun-filled look into the restrooms at Disney Parks and Resorts! You know, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to take an in-depth look into the locales we all must visit when enjoying our favorite place on Earth. We gobble-up the latest, most breaking news re: WDW new rides, attraction revamps and closures, even restaurant menu changes. Why not also gobble (ewwww! poor choice of words -- ed) up the latest on WDW restrooms?!! Well, that's just what we aim to do here on the blog, and we so appreciate your visit to our site! Thank you! Speaking of WDW Loos, have we got a good one for you this week. Back to Ma